no news / today

After I posted last night’s entry. everything is a blank to me. I awoke at about 5AM the next morning, looking for my glasses. I keep losing them by falling asleep with them on. My dad comes out and complains about it, like usual. Once I find them, I returned to my computer. One of my Firefox tabs had been changed and I don’t remember doing it. :/ ..I had some breakfast and watched my first MST3k in a while.. and fell asleep through most of it. Not counting that one watched this time damnit. 😦

I played Namco Museum Beta for a little while, then my dad returned home from dialysis. We watched some morning TV, then I got online for a while. Once his news was over though, I watched Twenty Bucks. Great film. I saw part of it on TV years and years ago and had wanted to see the whole thing ever since. I recently remembered and.. yeah. The 1993 movie shows the life of a twenty dollar bill, through the hands of an all-star cast. 🙂

My dad went to bed not far into the movie. Once it was over, I got on Home for the rest of the afternoon. I got all paranoid over not being able to access any international version, then decided that I couldn’t get connected to any of them because of the recent server problems.. My dad awoke and we soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, nice), How I Met Your Mother (lol.. starring Time Force‘s Erin Cahill, awesome.. I hope to see more episodes with her), Two & A Half Men (lol), Worst Week (lol.. and another PR alum, Wild Force‘s Ilia Volok — aka Master Org — haha) and CSI Miami (wow, pretty good episode this week).

And that’s about it.. See ya.

[ Coming Showdown – Zionism Vs Western Civilization ]
[ Zionist Israel’s Thermonuclear Blackmail Of The US ]
[ Supermarkets Emergency Plans To Stock Shelves ]
[ Integrity Has All But Vanished In America ]
[ Kidd – UAW President: Rob The People’s Bank ]
[ America’s Coming Civil Anguish ]
[ Change? Obama Inner Circle FULL Of Bilderbergers ]
[ SCOTUS Refuses To Enforce Constitution Re: Obama ]
[ Blago Scandal Snares Emanuel In Wire Taps ]
[ 1,000s Of Iraqis Hail Shoe Thrower As National Hero ]
[ Thousands Of Iraqis Rally For Shoe Thrower ]
[ Columbine Records Ordered Sealed Again ]
[ Google Wants Own Fast Track On The Net ]
[ Think About It – The Most Racist Site On The Internet ]
[ Photo: Swiss Watch Found In 400 Yr Old China Tomb ]


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