Sunday 12.14.2008 —

I awoke to my alarm at 8AM and soon looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I’d almost go for Target’s Batman Begins Blu-ray for $19.99. I still have their $5 gift card from a few weeks back. Hmm.. Also, Toys R Us are offering both Power Rangers Jungle Fury DVDs for $15.99 each. Plus, buy both there and get a $10 gift card. Interesting..

I watched Bleach (bleh), Code Geass R2 (wow, very good episode), Shin Chan (series finale? aww 😦 ..but at least that whole ninja thing was wrapped up just in time) and Ben 10: Alien Force (wow, this one surprised me by being a bit better than usual). I played Namco Museum Beta for a while (unlocked another one, yay), then watched Thursday’s CSI ( awesome episode *shakes fist @ cliffhanger*).

While my dad watched his news, I went to my room and got online for a while. Then I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (wow, good episode.. even though I guessed their big secret correctly about halfway through :p) and Everybody Hates Chris (damn, about time someone didn’t hate Chris.. teehee’s @ the KRDK promo aired during it.. they usual air a basic CW4Kids or TMNT promo there).

We had some supper, then since everything was a rerun tonight, we watched a couple movies — Get Smart (great movie.. again.. though I saw it too recently to enjoy it as much as the first time.. really should’ve watched the alternate scenes version instead).. and Henry Poole Is Here (great film, we both liked it.. liked how the ending was left open to interpretation). We followed that up with Funniest Videos (haha.. and my favorite one.. of the videos up for voting.. actually won.. that happens rarely anymore, since they seem to think the show’s called “Cutest Videos” now, ugh). And that’s about it.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is now on Veoh as well.. but it looks like it’s just the torrented version changed into a lower-quality WMV. But at least it looks better than the YouTube version.. The Henshin Justice Unlimited webmaster even received a DVD from the crew just so he could rip the episodes in HD and widescreen (it was cropped for its TV airing), but unfortunately he seems to be having problems with his DVD drive at the moment. 😦 Well.. see ya..

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