Saturday 12.13.2008 — Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is here!

[Current Music Download|Kamen Rider Dragon Knight theme (Opening Version) @ MediaFire]

I awoke at 7AM to my alarm.. then was bored pretty much all morning. :p I mostly just got online, fast forwarded through CW4Kids for more Dragon Knight promos (just the ones aired last week, with “later this morning” added), and watched The Soup Presents (haha). But then what I had been waiting nearly two years for had finally arrived — Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. This first episode was definitely better than Kalish era Power Rangers easy, though it was only the first episode of a two-part premiere with a cliffhanger ending. It probably would’ve been even better if they had aired the two episodes together or at least with only seven days in between them. Instead, we’ll have to wait until next month to see more. The episode is already on YouTube, but I think I’ll wait for a torrent and/or the widescreen version that Henshin Justice claims will arrive tomorrow. Check out the download above of the Dragon Knight theme song, also from Henshin Justice. :p

I then watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (great episode, wow.. been wondering about Grievous’ back story for a while now), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (pretty good Christmas episode) and Best Year Ever (yay’s 4 the one I picked winning :p ..and actually having some of the other cast members on the show for once.. sbeen a while for some of them).

But then the mail arrived with another form to fill out about my social security. Ugh. My dad called social security about the first one and they calmed him down, saying just telling him to fill out what we can.. And now they’re probing us again because we couldn’t provide enough information. Without my monthly check, it’s all over. My cable and internet would be gone, as well as all future DVDs. My shell that keeps me sane and mostly ignorant of my depression will fade.. and I really don’t know what I’d do.. The last shreds of my life would literally be over. Gone. There’d be nothing else to keep me here..

I was going to watch a movie or two, but now I was no longer in the mood. I retreated to my room depressed and got online. All afternoon. But then I finally read how I could get the Namco Museum Beta on my PS3 and ran over to get it downloaded. I used my Hong Kong PSN account to download it, but my US account to install it. It includes four games (Pac Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Xevious) with four Home unlockables each, so I had to get in on that. I already unlocked some avatar clothes and one of the arcade games for my Home Space. Yay. Though Pac Man runs faster than I remember it. Heh..

We had some supper, then I got back online.. for the rest of the evening. I was really wanting to watch some stuff on my full bedroom DVR, but then I heard about a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight cast & crew chat going on.. and yeah. So I didn’t get to watch anything then either. Plus, I was getting more and more impatient about a Dragon Knight encode to download. With EZTV around, I’ve gotten too used to downloading new episodes within an hour or so of them airing, I guess. That and my CW affiliate usually has crap audio/video quality, like this morning.. *sigh* 😦

And I guess that’s about it.. Oh, except this Dragon Knight torrent. Hooray. *seeds for forever* 🙂 See ya.

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