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HenshinJustice has posted some Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video interviews with the series’ stars Stephen Lunsford, Yvonne Arias, Ris Lauren & Taylor Emerson. Thanks to MR_Aftershock for his editing work. He did a really good job on them.. Also, the series’ regular timeslot has been revealed. Dragon Knight will premiere in its regular timeslot on CW4Kids January 3rd at 11:30AM ET. Nice.. Of course, that’s after the sneak peek tomorrow morning at 9:30AM ET. 😉 Until then, check out another new official site,

Tuesday’s DVD releases of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Volume 1: Into The Jungle and Volume 2: Way Of The Master have been reviewed by DVDTalk’s Paul Mavis.. and surprisingly enough, both DVDs get rated “Highly Recommended”. 🙂

Home Media reports that The Dark Knight sold 3 million copies in one day on Tuesday, including 600,000 Blu-rays, breaking Iron Man‘s Blu-ray sales record of 500,000 in five days. Wow. 🙂 ..Now I needs to get Begins on Blu too..

I stayed up for about three hours or so last night in Home. First, I checked out the US areas a little more. The censorship has gone way too far, as you can see.. Then I went to the UK server and checked out their new stuff. I was glad to see that their central plaza didn’t change. Their theater features more than one trailer, and none of them are Twilight. Trailers include The Spirit, Watchmen and Defiance. And there’s even an intro in the lobby from the director of Watchmen. There’s supposedly more Watchmen stuff on the way for the UK server, including new videos and themed avatar clothes. 🙂 I began getting sleepy though. and my dad woke me around 4AM. I guess I’ll have to use my Japan account to check out their Home server later.

I shut off the PS3 and soon went off to sleep.. I made sure to set my alarm, but forgot to turn it on. Haha. I awoke at about 9:30AM and immediately watched Monday’s Chuck (lol, great episode.. this one better stick around, NBC) & Heroes (something happened that I really liked.. then they screwed it up by doing something I didn’t like.. ugh :/). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched the usual morning TV (Ellen). Then I got online for a while..

Once my dad news was over, I watched Spider-Man Unlimited (ugh, starting to hate it now.. damn kid character that the viewing audience can identify with >_>), The Sarah Silverman Program (retarded.. completely this time, in fact.. good job! -_-) and another Spider-Man Unlimited (hmm, a good Green Goblin.. now where’s the evil Spiderman? gimmegimme).

After all that, I got on Home for a while. I hung out in the US server until it froze, then I checked out the Japan server. Wow. Their theater is even weirder than before. So dark in there. It’s now two floors with four screens. And the seats are these weird bean-shaped loveseat things. Saw the thing that awarded me the bowling pin for my space was gone already though. That was quick.. They also have two new-yet-small game spaces: Hot Shots Golf & Siren. A golden statue in the first game space — that was pretty much just a room — gave me a cool green lawn-upholstered couch for my Home space.. after some questions I randomly answered because they were in Japanese. Hope I can eventually get it on my US account too.. The Siren space was really dark. It’s outside some closed business in the middle of the night in a forest or something. :p Activate a laptop and it’ll play the trailer for Siren: New Translation.. I also noticed some new items in the Mall that we don’t have, including a black version of the Echochrome suit in four parts for 400 yen total. :/ I’d probably buy that in US Home, if the prices were reasonable..

Soon after that, supper was ready and I shut off my PS3. I soon got online to news-gather.. But as 8PM neared, I returned to the living room. There was nothing on that we both would enjoy watching on TV tonight, so we watched The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. The TV is aimed a bit in the direction of a window, which causes a glare.. so I waited until nightfall to watch this one. Great film. Both of us enjoyed it. I had a mental gripe about the lack of the batcave in the film after the setup in the previous film.. but now that I think about it (a reference to how much time has actually passed since the first film), it’s probably still under construction. Nonetheless, all the pluses far outshined that negative. Heath Ledger definitely deserves some awards for his role. Hope he wins that Golden Globe at least..

Once it ended, I watched some Soup (haha), then my dad and I both returned to our rooms for the night at about the same time.. See ya.

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