ms trashes home / today

Yes, the PlayStation Home servers are overloaded with people today as the service was just opened to all PSN users. And Microsoft is jealous, so they’ve now trash talked Home. They claim it’s “2005 tech in 2008” and “not what people want”. Yet the Home servers are overloaded as I type this (I even had a hard time accessing the forum once I got the PC back online). While the XBOX 360 continues to use the ten-year-old technology of DVD for their games. :p

I woke up in the morning and got online for a bit. And when I mean a bit, I mean a large part of the morning, keeping up with the status of Home Beta on the official forum. We had some breakfast and soon watched some morning TV. Then I was able to take over at noon and watch Batman Begins. I was surprised when I enjoyed it more than I remember when watching it the first time. Great film. I’d like to get it on Blu now, just so I could have both on Blu. Even though my DVD is the rare 2-disc with comic that went out of print shortly after release. :p Now on to The Dark Knight… tomorrow…

Home Beta was still unavailable by 2:30, so I watched Pushing Daisies as well (good episode, I guess.. guess I just don’t like the way the show has been going this season). I finally got connected to Home Beta as it was ending. I was online on it for about 2 or 2 1/2 hours. I redownloaded all the spaces and checked out each one. A Twilight trailer and music video now play in the theater (haha’s @ all the guys exclaiming that the movie sucks), the Uncharted & Far Cry 2 spaces are back (but not the Uncharted unlockable items I hoped would return, grrr.. can’t even unlock them again, it seems), and the Central Plaza is completely different.. but I still don’t like it as much as the UK plaza.

All the clothes, items and home space I purchased for free under closed beta are still there. All those items now have real price tags on them in the Mall. $4.99 for the Summer House or to run a Club. And they claim they may start charging monthly for running a Club next year, instead of this current “one-time” price. >_> PSN’s Pulse news show now plays in the Mall as well. That was neat. As was the new “Saucer Pop” game in the plaza. Fly your saucer around collecting stars for points and fuel cells for.. fuel.. while avoiding the bombs. Simple.. Everywhere was crowded. But I didn’t think that the servers were overloaded until after I shut it off to switch to an international account and couldn’t get back in. Anywhere.

After about 30 minutes of trying to reconnect, supper was ready, so I gave up and got back online to news-gather.. At 8PM, we watched My Name Is Earl (lol), Kath & Kim (lol), The Office (lol, great episode), 30 Rock (haha– but I still hate it), CSI (last week’s episode.. pretty good one too) and Rita Rocks (basic sitcom *shrug*). And that was about it for the night..

See ya.

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