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Linear Ranger has received next Tuesday’s Power Rangers Jungle Fury DVDs early and has written a review on them. He confirms that the DVDs will contain the first 12 episodes of the season, details on the toy offer that’s actually done through the Disney Movie Rewards system that I already have an account with.. and that the Power Rangers Collectible Card Game cards will be exclusive cards for the DVD releases. You’ll get three with each volume. One from each will be a completely new card, while the other two will be alternate versions of current cards. All these cards will contain both holo foil and gold foil. Coool. Check out the review for images of everything. I’m buying these DVDs anyway so I can’t wait to get my hands on these and further complete my collection. Here’s a rundown of the exclusive cards:

PR-001 – [Holo Foil & Gold Autograph] PRJF Tiger Ranger
017 – [Holo Foil & Gold Autograph] PRJF Jaguar Ranger
018 – [Holo Foil & Gold Autograph] PRJF Cheetah Ranger
PR-002 – [Holo Foil & Gold Seal] PRJF Jungle Pride Megazord
009 – [Holo Foil & Gold Seal] PRJF Yellow Cheetah Zord *
010 – [Holo Foil & Gold Seal] PRJF Blue Jaguar Zord *

HenshinJustice has conducted an interview with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s lead writer Nathan Long. And this question is especially interesting…

HJU: What do you think makes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight different?

NL: Different from other American toku shows? Well, lots of stuff. It’s an action drama, rather than an action comedy. The themes are more adult. We deal with honor and courage and taking responsibility for your actions, and unlike other shows, we show the consequences of what happens when you don’t. The story is one long arc, rather than a bunch of short, stand alone episodes. It’s more like Lost and Heroes than it is like Power Rangers. The acting and directing is better, and the story has more emotional weight. I think you’re really going to get involved in the characters and their struggles.

Don’t miss it when Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s first episode airs as a sneak peek this coming Saturday December 13th at 9:30AM ET. The series will then make its regular series premiere on January 3rd, starting with an encore of this first episode. 🙂

According to the official PlayStation.Blog, PlayStation Home goes into Open Beta tomorrow — aka Thursday December 11th — and will at last be available to all PSN accounts. Home will be down for two hours early tomorrow morning, then will be back online by 7AM ET.. Wow. Looking forward to all the new people.. and the new Central Plaza as well. And the video of the Red Bull Air Race game looks great. See ya’ll in Home tomorrow. :p

I got on Home Beta last night.. then fell asleep soon after. Damnit. Then my dad woke me up at 2AM.. but then I feel asleep again. Damnit. He woke up again at 4AM while he was preparing for dialysis.. and woke me up again. He needed to see the weather before he left due to the possibility of freezing rain in the area. So I shut off the PS3 and got back online. Damnit. :p ..But then I registered for Warner BD-Live and wanted to check out the Dark Knight‘s online features.. so I got the PS3 online again. Damn, the streaming trailers play so small on the screen. :/

I then got online again.. then finally watched Batman Forever. Well, most of it. Yes, I fell asleep again. Damnit.. I awoke to my dad returning home. We watched some morning TV, then I got online for a while. A bit later, we watched Prison Break (finally).. then my dad went to sleep, so I watched Batman & Robin.. and didn’t really fall asleep.. unfortunately. For the first time, I saw this movie as a not-so-good one. All four were PAL DVD rips. Ugh. I’d buy them in a second.. if Warner would release them as another 4 Film Favorites budget DVD release like my recent 4 Film Favorites: Superman purchase..

I then got the PS3 online and once again hit up Home Beta. I beat up to level 8 on an arcade game.. again.. and got an unlockable item that I should’ve gotten last time. Yay.. But then supper was ready, so I shut it off and soon got online to news-gather. At 8PM, we watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (another finally.. good episode.. but this is why I wanted shorter seasons like the first, so that there would be less-to-none stand-alone episodes like this one) and CSI NY (great episode).

I doubt I’ll fit any TV in tomorrow. Maybe late in the day. With all the new stuff and people tomorrow, Home Beta‘s gonna get interesting.. See ya.

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2 Responses to “prjf dvd ccg cards / krdk interview / home open beta / today”

  1. sodders Says:

    add Sodders to your PS3 friends list, ill try home once its up and ready, no USB keyboard tho..

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    No USB keyboard, mic or router here. And I don’t notice this until after I’ve given up (until late tonight anyway.. though I’ll probably fall asleep the moment I connect again, like last night :/). Everyone’s flooding the server. And I didn’t notice until after I closed it then couldn’t get back in. :p

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