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Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of December 14th to 20th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. There’s really nothing for me out this week… except Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Volume 1: Into The Jungle & Volume 2: Way Of The Master on DVD, that is. They’re expected to contain the first 12 episodes of the season, cross-promotionary PR CCG trading cards, and a mail-in toy offer.. No mention of them anywhere in the ads, though the Best Buy website is claiming $14.99 each.. I’m also eyeing The Shining for just $14.99 on Blu-ray at Target.. but I probably won’t bite on that.. Target wants your money yet again — $24.99 to be exact — with a special store-exclusive all-silver version of the Iron Man mask packaging that they released a while back (it’s only mentioned for DVD in the ad, so no idea if there’s a Blu-ray like the international version pictured). I’m not getting it either though. When I upgrade my Iron Man to Blu, it’ll most likely be the standard release. Hate all these toy packagings..

In quite a surprising move, Jay Leno will return to NBC in Fall 2009 with a new one-hour late night show.. in primetime Monday through Friday at 10PM ET. Wow. I personally think there was some rumors about Jay wanting to leave and NBC just jumped the gun. And now they’re paying for it with five hours of their weekly primetime schedule. Ha. Now they better not cancel my shows to make room for this. 😡

I awoke at 5AM.. again.. and finished up the previous entry. After some additional time online, I fell asleep again.. I awoke a few hours later to find it was time. So I got ready and we soon went out to media buy…

First, I headed to Target.. and didn’t get anything. I wanted to see the Dark Knight exclusives with my own eyes. The Batman mask packagings for DVD & Blu-ray.. but only the DVD had an “exclusive” 40-minute featurette — “Batman Unmasked”, one of the two documentaries exclusive to Blu-ray.. except in this case, of course.. I moved on to WalMart.. and got nothing there either. I was looking to see for sure that there was no store exclusive bonus disc. Since there’s already two discs “full” of special features on the basic release.. that probably were the bonus disc went. Since this season was a bit shorter due to the writers strike, I guess they chose to add it on.. I almost got the 1-disc Dark Knight DVD for the WalMart exclusive coin replica.. but I passed in the end.. then hoped I would find it for half the price a month or so later, like with their Transformers bonus DVD. :p Check out FYE’s DVD steelbook. I so would’ve gotten it.. if it were available as a Blu-ray (in the US.. it is available in Canada 😦 ).

Then I went to Best Buy and picked up The Dark Knight on Blu-ray (for Frys’ $23.99 price), the Lost: Season 4 DVD (for Frys’ $36.99), and the Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion – Part II DVD. As you can see, I price-matched the first two down just a dollar each. :p ..I was surprised there were still so many Dark Knight Blus in stock after last night’s midnight opening event. As far as I could tell, they were out of those store-exclusive Joker cards though. 😦

I got my icee, then we eventually made it to the grocery store. We then returned home and watched Ellen (blah). I followed that up with Batman Returns (I was actually enjoying it quite a bit, somewhat better than the first movie.. Catwoman, yum.. but then I fell asleep during the last 20 minutes.. gawdamnit 😦 ) and some Home Beta (yeah, nothing like sitting or standing around in a virtual world while everyone ignores you).

We had a crappy supper, then I got online to news-gather and inventory the new discs. In primetime.. once my dad got off the phone.. we watched some Funniest Videos (lol), two episodes of According To Jim (due to the show leaving the schedule again after this month, they’ve doubled up on the new episodes) and House (haha, great episode). And that was about it..

Oooh, Mojaavee. I’m so fucking sick of those commercials.. Oh, and I’ve reached 100% on that Rangercast torrent, then the one seeder left. And no one’s joined since. I guess I’ll turn it off soon.. See ya.

[ US Economy In Accelerating Freefall ]
[ Japan Recession Much Worse Than Predicted ]
[ Fannie Faulted For ‘Orgy’ Of Subprime, Risky Loans ]
[ World’s Hungry Close To One Billion ]
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[ Video: Goodspeed – We’re Out Of Time ]
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[ Illinois Gov Tried To Sell Obama Senate Seat ]
[ Axelrod – Obama Spoke To IL Gov About Replacement ]
[ How Rahm Emanuel Bought His Way To Power ]
[ Blackwater Killed Iraqis Trying To Surrender ]
[ Blackwater Thugs Face Manslaughter Charges ]
[ Pakistan Refuses To Extradite Mumbai Suspects ]
[ Pakistan ‘Ready For War With India’ ]
[ Google Earth Accused Of Aiding Terrorists ]
[ China Complainers Drugged, Put In Psych Wards ]
[ Video: Global Warming Fraud – Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists ]
[ Exxon Valdez Spill Payments Reach Claimants ]
[ Evidence Sphinx Built Long Before Pyramids ]
[ Fox To Beam ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’ Into Space ]


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