Saturday 12.06.2008 — Seven days and counting…

I awoke in the morning and began fast forwarding through all the CW4Kids that I had DVRed looking for the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight promos. They aired 15-second and 30-second versions of a promo. The shorter version aired during most of the morning, but the longer version only aired once during Dinosaur King. :/ HenshinJustice already has them both up on YouTube. Soo looking forward to next Saturday morning. This is going to be the longest week ever, methinks. :p

During the morning, I also watched last night’s new episodes of Batman: The Brave And The Bold (eh it was alright..) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (omg awesome episode!). But then my dad dragged me out to a few stores.. and we bought some things.. I returned home and put the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight promos on my KRDK VHS, then my dad and I soon watched Step Brothers: Unrated. It was pretty funny.. but plenty of other Apatow films have been better. I think I actually like the 2-disc DVD more than the movie itself. It’s packed with easily an hour of deleted and extended scenes. Wow. My dad took off somewhere and returned.. and I was still watching the stuff when he got back. lol.

My dad and I then watched The House Bunny because he really wanted to see it after seeing the trailer on the Step Brothers DVD. This was received by me about the same as Step Brothers, except it was a little less good. Even with Anna Faris’ bare ass (which was nice). I was actually thinking about buying this on DVD upon its release in a few weeks, but now I won’t. Not worth it. Even for Kat Dennings, who is in the background for a lot of it. And Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist isn’t on DVD until February 3rd. Damnit.

We had some supper, then I soon returned to my room and got online for a bit. But for so long that I only found time for Gossip Girl (ha, good episode).. before the night was pretty much over.. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow.. See ya.

[ Paulson Shoots The Economy In The Heart… Again ]
[ Foreclosures Soar 78% To Record 1.35 Million ]
[ Americans Are Buying Spam Again ]
[ US Communities Consider Own Currency ]
[ Hoaxed Call Put Pakistan On Highest Nuke Alert ]
[ Cheney, Gonzales Indictments Dropped (big surprise) ]
[ The Mossad’s Infiltration Of America ]
[ Obama Still Not Eligible Even WITH Birth Certificate ]
[ SCOTUS Decision On Obama Birth ‘Next Week’ ]
[ Video: NBC Lies In Obama Birth Certificate Story ]
[ Video: Coke & Pepsi Used As Pesticides – Farmers Pleased ]


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