tmnt 1987 s7 delayed / today

TVShowsOnDVD now reports that Lionsgate’s DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987): Season Seven has been pushed back over a month, from March 10th to April 21st. They also speculate there will be four alternate versions of packaging due to the four UPC codes for the title. It is the 25th anniversary of the Turtles after all. It’d be the perfect time to do something special. And maybe they’ve finally realized that they’ve missed a few episodes along the way and added them to this set as well. Here’s hoping.. 🙂

I stayed up late on Home Beta again, mainly visiting the other regions and purchasing the same new free items for my other accounts.. I awoke the next morning and soon watched the final four episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 (lol, great.. except Britney’s 2nd performance.. I said this when it first aired: it’s as if she forgot how to play the character from the first appearance and made up a similar Abby for the 2nd episode :/). My dad returned home from dialysis, then he watched his morning TV.. and I eventually got online.. for most of that time..

In the afternoon, I took over the TV and watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol.. @ only the gay guys’ plotline.. Sarah’s was just stupid like usual) and H2O (damn, full closing credits sequence from The N, nice.. and they now seem to be refusing to air Season 2 at all on The N.. damn Nick’s sporadic new episodes, getting to finishing Season 2 already.. I’ve already missed one episode because of that bullshit.. *hides his complete Season 1 & 2 data DVDs* damn them).

I got the PS3 online and check out BD-Live on the Narnia Blu-ray. Neato.. I guess. The trailers that played upon loading the disc did look a little better video-wise.. but I’m still using the TV’s speakers, so.. :/ ..My unwatched DVDs are starting to accumulate, and this is a long movie (149mins).. so it may be a while before I get to watching it.. I then got on Home Beta for a few more hours. Mainly just.. walked around. They fixed a lot of the fun glitches earlier this week. Damn them. 😡

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I also read some Twilight.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (I’m not sure I like this continuing plotline they’ve been doing.. but on the other hand, the season has been less boring since it started), Grey’s Anatomy (for some reason, I thought that last Chyler Leigh scene was so hot.. even with the prudish camera angles.. damnit), The Soup (haha) and Samantha Who (eh it was alright). And that was about it.

*sigh* ..See ya..

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