get smart s2 dvd / today

Thank you, Warner Home Video! You’ve heard my cries that I’m not buying Get Smart: The Complete Series for a huge amount of money at retail.. or perhaps (and more likely) you heard it from myself and many others in the form of low sales for its release last month. Either way, Warner has announced Get Smart: Season 2 for retail release on March 10th for a nice retail price of just $24.98. However, TVShowsOnDVD claims it’ll have the series’ original mono audio.. while the Season 1 release had 2.0 sound.. Is that’s the same? ..It better be..

I stayed up late on Home Beta, created my first Home v1 female avatar.. and was quickly harassed by the guys, as is usual for girl avatars. It sucks that so many guys are like that on Home. I admit that I sometimes stare a little too long at some female avatars, but at least I don’t sit down on the ground in front of them to look up their dresses or just walk up and say derogatory comments out of the blue. I even got a random male friend request. I stayed on it until the server went off at 3AM, then soon went to sleep..

I awoke the next morning and watched the usual morning TV. Ugh. Boring.. After what seemed like forever waiting, I took over the TV in the afternoon and watched four more episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 (lol, great episodes.. the “Ted Mosby Is A Jerk” special featurette doesn’t make much sense though.. some girl sings about a womanizing guy.. as replacement audio for an entire 20-minute episode O_o ..I only got about 5 minutes in before giving up.. the 11-minute unrated gag reel was good though), followed by According To Jim (lol.. ugh, ABC has already pulled this from January’s schedule for what sounds like a politically correct “patriotic” reality show Homeland Security USA, yuck) and Rita Rocks (basic comedy.. it’s alright.. and the teenage daughter’s somewhat hot.. somewhat).

Then I got back on Home Beta for a couple hours. This was why all morning seemed to last forever. I wanted to get online on this quickly and buy back my stuff from the mall (it went online at 9AM). They’ve added the additional items back into the mall for free for a limited time. I hear once it goes Open Beta, you’ll have to buy the stuff with real money (avatar clothes, home space furniture, additional home spaces etc). And I must admit I’m not completely against the idea.. if at fair prices.. I also spoke to a friend, then another friend removed me from his friends list and club for no reason.. then I spent the rest of my time in Home being all depressed about it.

I shut off the PS3 in time for supper, then got online to news-gather.. At 8PM, we watched My Name Is Earl (lol.. kinda don’t like how Catalina has to wear stripper clothes every time she appears.. not saying it isn’t nice to stare at, but these are real people not some cartoon :p), Kath & Kim (hehe, not bad), The Office (lol, great episode.. maybe even somewhat better than usual) and 30 Rock (still overrated.. haha’s @ making jokes in the elevator.. that aren’t funny in any way -_-). We were going to watch Grey’s Anatomy as well, but my dad got sleepy and headed to bed early. So I returned to my room early.

Oh well.. See ya.

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