Sunday 11.30.2008 — done.

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM. I then awoke an hour later and looked through the newspaper’s ads for.. Wednesday. I’m now pretty sure I’ll be getting my first Blu-ray this week. Maybe.. We had some breakfast, then I watched Bleach (bleh), Code Geass R2 (great episode.. though starting to feel a bit too much like Death Note) and Shin Chan (lol). I then filled the rest of the morning on Home Beta (surprisingly enough, I found sitting my avatar beside a small fish-filled river on the UK server relaxing.. until everyone else started doing it too.. and talking.. and getting in the way of my camera’s view of said river :p).

Soon before my dad’s game was due to start, I shut off the PS3 and got online for a bit. A long bit. Then I only had enough time to watch the latest Bones (very good episode). We also had some supper. I was going to watch another Sanctuary, but wasn’t in the mood.. so I just got back online instead. I have all Sanctuary episodes aired so far on the bedroom DVR (‘cept the two-hour premiere, which I already watched), as well as the first 13 episodes of Primeval and the latest nine episodes of Naruto. :p

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (well sorta), Simpsons (*Bart makes fun of Apple in episode* *commercials for Apple air at just about every break* lol, now that’s funny :p), Desperate Housewives (good episode) and American Dad (lol). I also fit in another chapter of Twilight during the course of the night. The plot sure is moving slowly. But it is nearly 500 pages after all. :p

And that about it..? For November……. See ya..

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