krdk promo pics / thanks-for-not-giving

HenshinJustice has some new promotional images for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Nice. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and got online. Then we had some breakfast and watched some of the parade. But then we got bored of that and watched two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha.. caught up now). My dad fell asleep, so I went ahead and watched Chuck (great episode), Heroes (I’m starting to notice the flaws everyone else is talking about now.. it was difficult to like this episode) and Scream Queens (soo behind.. yay’s 4 Lindsay).

Since we surely couldn’t afford a Thanksgiving, we ordered a free one delivered. But by 2PM, we had all but lost hope in it ever coming.. I’ve been downloading Power Rangers a lot lately, getting the seasons on data DVDs one season at a time in reverse. I’ve made it back to Time Force and can’t find any website that actually points out each and every known episode that was edited post-9/11. I was quite surprised that I couldn’t. I’d like to archive both versions of the episodes, but I only know of one or two episodes for sure. So I’m downloading both great quality edited episodes and lower-quality uncut episodes at the same time. :/

So after all that TV, I’d like to watch a movie. But all the ones I really want to see I can’t because my dad keeps falling asleep. That and the afternoon glare on the TV screen sucks. The sun sucks.. I got online instead. My dad took over the TV, changed the channel.. then fell asleep again.. Eventually, I decided to watch a movie after all — Tropic Thunder: Unrated. My dad slept for parts of it.. and I ended up not really liking it all that much. Our free Thanksgiving meals never arrived either, of course. So we just reheated some damn leftovers.. and that was it..

I got online to news-gather.. even though there definitely wasn’t anything there either.. Once I was done there, I read some Twilight. Yup, I follow whatever’s popular. So lame. Didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I heard about the sales for book 4 on the news. :p ..My dad had fallen asleep yet again. All this sleeping does have me a bit worried.. So as he slept, I watched another Gurren Lagann (innnteresting).. then ended up visiting Home Beta.. for about five hours. Ack. My dad woke up at about 11PM.. and went to bed.. so I stayed on it..

I’ve made a Power Rangers club in Home, but I’m mostly just messing around with the new option. I made a dancefloor out of Echochrome tables (they have green glass surfaces). Then I was about to go to bed when I was invited to a party in the other club I was in, so that took up another 90 minutes or so. It was pretty fun, though I’m shy there just like I am in all the IRC chats I’m idling in right this minute. I mainly just inject a comment or two into the convo, then depart with a “see ya”. :/

See ya. :p

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[ UN Begins Crackdown On Freedom Of Speech ]
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[ Mossad Behind Mumbai Bombings-Killings? ]
[ ‘I Don’t Hate Jews – I Hate What They Do To People’ ]
[ Leaked NASA Photo – Piece Of Wood On Mars ]
[ Gravity Anomaly On Moon’s Far Side ]


5 Responses to “krdk promo pics / thanks-for-not-giving”

  1. anonymous Says:

    what is home?

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    PlayStation Home.

  3. celiloquy Says:

    Where are you able to find Time Force to download??

  4. prometheusufo Says:

    The HQ Jetix versions torrent is going waaay slow for me. And I’m getting the lower quality uncuts from #power-rangers on Blitzed. *shrug*

  5. celiloquy Says:

    Suh-weet! Slow or not, I’m happy as hell to get it. Thanks!

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