Saturday 11.22.2008 — damn it.

Damn it. 😦

I awoke in the morning.. and finished up yesterday’s entry. Then I watched The Soup (lol), TMNT Back To The Sewers (eh it was alright.. last season had not enough Shredder, this season has too much Shredder :/), Best Week Ever (lol @ another “hating the new format” joke.. I swear it’s just about the only thing I enjoy in this show anymore.. due to the shitty new format..), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (hmm, not as good as last week.. maybe I spoke too soon), Ben 10: Alien Force (not bad) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (lol, it was alright.. and this was a Jar Jar Binks episode.. ‘swhy it’s only “alright” :p).

We then watched The Mentalist (pretty good episode..). I then got in a rare weekend visit to the Home Beta while my dad fell asleep. The strange beeping I heard last night is back. But this time I mainly only noticed it in the mall (of both US and UK). Weird. I then finally made it on an arcade game (been busy since the new games showed up) in order to win some avatar clothes. But I did not..

We had some supper, then we soon watched.. Larry The Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza on CMT. My dad really wanted to see it.. and I guess I did a little too. There was some funny skits (some of them anyway), and I liked Montgomery Gentry’s original Christmas song.. Once it ended, I made my way back to my room and got online for a bit.

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (damn that torrent site comment for spoiling a major upcoming event.. that I was expecting in this episode for some reason.. good episode though). And that’s all I got around t o watching. I was going to watch another, but I got online.. and that was it.. :/ See ya.

[ 1992 Account – Communist Obama Groomed For Presidency? ]
[ Declared Communist Goal In US – Familiar? ]
[ Obama AG Holder For HATE LAWS – Free Speech Gone ]
[ Obama Eyes 20,000 More GIs For Afghan War ]
[ The Truth About JFK’s Murder? ]
[ Bollyn – How Zionism Subjugates Entire Nations ]
[ Anti-Zionism – ‘The State Of Israel Was The Creation Of Satan’ ]
[ Holocaust Researcher Toben Wins Release ]
[ Brits Forced To ‘Recycle’ All Food Scraps ]
[ Hairspray Linked To Boy’s Birth Defect ]
[ Helicopter Near-Miss With ‘Sinister’ UFO ]


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