no news / today

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit.. to see if Home was back online yet. Nope.. But then we went out to couple grocery stores. I only visited the coinstar machine and bought one thing though.. We then returned home and watched Ellen, followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (great episode), CSI NY (nice).. almost The Mentalist (I passed on it once my dad fell asleep.. since I know he likes the show).. and South Park (lol).

All through the shows, I kept checking on Home Beta. The update was available for download early on, then I had to wait.. through all those shows.. for the server to go online. They added some great features, but at the same time dropped a lot of things too. Damnit. Had to create my avatar all over again.. and it still doesn’t look as great as it once did. Some things were dropped that were even promised to stay put. Grr. But overall, the place looks more polished and improved than ever. Nice.. but grr.. at the same time. I even started a big pop-n-lock dancing circle. lol. :p

The servers got online so late that I didn’t have all that much time to look around either. Supper was ready just in time for my dad’s 6PM news. Damnit. So we had supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up, the n watched Everybody Hates Chris on the bedroom DVR (lol).. At 8PM, we watched Smallville (wow, great episode.. Doomsday’s look slightly disappointed me though.. but what did I expect, it’s TV not a movie :/ ..and ack @ the very end.. with the stand-in), Grey’s Anatomy (yeah), The Office (lolol) and 30 Rock (..oh).

And that’s about it again. See ya..

[ End The Fed – End Wall St Bankster Rule ]
[ Fed Says Economy To Get Worse ]
[ Scams, Corruption, Looting Take Economy To Brink ]
[ Financial Crisis Shutting Down World Trade ]
[ Fears Over US Weakens World Markets ]
[ Key Parts Of Obama’s Forced Labor Gulag ]
[ Obama ‘Change’ Lie Exposed – All Insiders Chosen ]
[ Video: What The $2.4 Trillion ‘War On Terror’ Could Buy ]
[ US Missiles Killing Pakistanis At Will ]
[ Bush May Drop Protection Of Plants/Animals ]
[ Mammoths Closer To Being Brought Back ]
[ UFO Abductee Story On TX ABC-TV Station ]
[ Boy 12 Dies Spraying Too Much Deodorant ]
[ Parrot Given Prozac After Owner Dies ]


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