krdk dec sneak peek / dvd ads nov 23-26 / no media / today

HenshinJustice has revealed the true premiere date for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, a different one than the series star Stephen Lunsford originally claimed. I guess it was changed. Instead of February 21st, HenshinJustice has revealed that the series will actually debut in “early January”, possibly the January 3rd date Adness’ Japanese website claims. And not only that but CW4Kids will be airing a full-episode sneak peek on Saturday December 13th at 9:30AM ET. Wow. 🙂

Update: HenshinJustice has now revealed the “13 Riders of Ventara”.. aka the main cast of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Awesome. 😉

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of November 23rd to 26th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Hancock and 24: Redemption are expected in stores this week. The Hancock 2-disc is the usual $22.99 everywhere. But Best Buy will be offering it in a steelbook case, Target will feature pop-up packaging and a lithograph.. and Circuit City will have a “3-Disc Limited Edition” version. Between steelbook and bonus disc, I’d choose the latter.. Sunday night’s TV movie 24: Redemption will arrive on disc just a couple days later. Target’s offering it for it’s lowest price of $15.99.. but Best Buy will have an exclusive 3-disc edition for $22.99. It will include the movie disc, the exclusive bonus disc I mentioned here previously.. and a useless digital copy coaster disc.. >_>

Short week due to Thanksgiving.. and that tiny thing called Black Friday. Don’t know if I’ll make a newsbyte about those deals or not. I mean, you could always go to this site instead.. *shrug* Transformers Blu-ray just $9.99 at Best Buy.. Wow..

I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit since it was still a bit early, then got ready and went out to media buy…

Yup, nothing. First, I had to go to three places to try and sell some used DVDs. My FYE wasn’t buying DVDs at this time since they claimed they had too many. But it’s probably more likely the economy. I went to another place.. that I couldn’t sell to just because my ID card was expired. Ugh. Then Half Price Books offered just $4 for SIX DVDs. I said fuck this (in my head, that is) and gave up..

I visited Circuit City and saw the packaging for Wall-E. Both the 1-disc and 3-disc DVDs were in some shitty cheapass all-cardboard packaging. It was gross. Especially the $30 3-disc, most of which looked like they had been run over by a steamroller or something. I didn’t trust the store’s 10 minutes of exclusive bonus features that may or may not be on the Tropic Thunder DVD.

I moved on to Best Buy and saw the nicer Blu-ray packaging on Wall-E. The 3-disc Blu even got a thicker case without that annoying plastic tag that’s on most Blu cases nowadays (it was like a PS3 game’s case, only blue). But the only difference between the 3-disc & 2-disc Blu was the digital copy.. except for the $5 difference in price. The 2-disc Blu was also made up sorta like how the 1-disc DVDs usually are: no slipcover, basic case. And I almost bought the 2-disc Blu too, with a price-match down to $24.99 and a $5 Reward Zone certificate. But I passed on both that and Tropic Thunder altogether. Wow. I.. only have enough funds for two more discs this month.. and that’s how many interest me next week.. so yeah.. even though I’m still unsure about Hancock. I saw in theater and liked the first half, then the second half.. not so much. :/

I got my icee (while at a winter temperature outside) and we soon returned home.. We watched some Ellen, then I watched last night’s Chuck (lol.. ooh @ the ending that I predicted a minute or two before it happened) and Heroes (that ending was kinda.. eh.. but otherwise, it was okay). After that, I just wasted the rest of the afternoon on Home Beta. Fun. But oops. Some info‘s been leaked about v1.0. >_>

At 6PM, I got online to news-gather. We had supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We watched House (wow, pretty good episode), Fringe (another great episode.. glad it got past that slow start) and True Blood (another pretty good episode.. only one left 😦 ). Then that was it..

See ya.

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2 Responses to “krdk dec sneak peek / dvd ads nov 23-26 / no media / today”

  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    Have you tried selling online, like through eBay or something?

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    I was buying on eBay a loooong time ago, then I left the account for a while.. and then eBay locked my account just because my e-mail address had gone invalid or something. And no matter how many times I ask for them to reactivate it, I just get the same automated response that doesn’t even help me.. and nothing more. -_-

    ..And I dunno, seems like a lot of trouble. *lazy* And that’s why I left eBay. Too tired of all the bidding wars, jumping through hoops just to buy something. :p

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