Sunday 11.16.2008 —

I awoke in the morning to my alarm.. then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Iron Man Blu-ray for just $19 at Target. That’s hard to pass up. Circuit City is claiming their Tropic Thunder exclusive bonus material is on the two-disc DVD & Blu-ray rather than a bonus disc. And after hearing how the basic packaging includes an inner cover that looks like a cover for the movie.. filmed in the movie.. I may not want that steelbook anymore. Hm..

We had some breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched Bleach (blah), Code Geass R2 (great episode.. though I’m starting to see what others meant by this season not being as great as the first.. there was a sign or two 😦 ), Shin Chan (lol.. but I missed last week’s new episode 😦 ), Ben 10: Alien Force (blah too..), H2O (damn, just realized I missed an episode.. damn you, Nick and your irregular airing of new episodes 😦 ..though I did discover today’s new episode premiered on The N a few hours before Nick, hmm), Crash (wow, another good episode.. yay’s @ that hottie taking it up the butt.. and not showing much skin on this premium network series in the process 😦, jk) and Rita Rocks (*time filler* don’t have many half-hour shows on the PS3).

My dad’s sports crap started.. so I returned to my room and got online. Then I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (ew @ Cyrus, they should’ve cast him better.. wonder if this character from the original book series showing up now is concerning the book’s author being pissed about the direction of the show.. hope he doesn’t stick around too long, there’s a reason why I stopped reading them.. he wasn’t it though.. no hotties to stare at in the books :p) and Bones (wow, great episode.. lol @ the next week clip). Took so long just to get through those two. Kept starting and stopping. :/

We had some supper, then I got online for a while again.. At 8PM, we watched Simpsons (lol), another No Heroics (my dad was actually asleep for this.. I liked it quite a bit more than the first episode.. only four left now 😦 ), Desperate Housewives (pretty good episode this week.. especially the whole murder mystery aspect of it, setting up everyone’s motives for a possible crime), Family Guy (rofl, especially @ Peter’s brief work schemes) and American Dad (man, these people saying this is better than FG anymore are just incorrect.. these episodes still fail more often, at least in my opinion).

And that’s about it. Again.. See ya.

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