Saturday 11.15.2008 — only halfway through? crap

I awoke in the morning.. to my alarm.. and watched Best Week Ever (ugh), Degrassi TNG (haha), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, pretty good show so far.. may even like it more than the new Wolverine toon.. maybe), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (best. episode.. yet.. awesome.. the multi-parters always seem to be especially good.. lol @ next week’s Jar Jar Binks episode) and TMNT: Back To The Sewer (another gaming episode -_- ..I liked the real-world versions of the people playing though *turns to in-game moderator for help* *cut to fat guy sleeping in front of his computer in a messy cubicle* haha :p).

My dad soon awoke and we had some breakfast.. then I watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (finally.. very good episode here too, wow), Chuck (lol great stuff), Heroes (wow, this may be my favorite so far this season), My Own Worst Enemy (haha’s.. @ the badly-done plot barrier near the end of the episode.. and we still have five more to go? ack), Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special (a dvdrip, yet still bleeped.. odd.. and.. I liked his other specials better).. followed by the last four episodes of TMNT 2k3: Season 2 (“Big Brawl” Parts 1-4.. finally over with, woohoo.. very good episodes too).

After hogging the living room TV like an ass all day (though he watched some of the stuff.. and left.. and came back.. and slept), I retreated to my room by 5PM. I would have liked to fit in a DVD movie too, but.. oh well.. I then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (lol, good episode), 90210 (aww, now Naomi’s hair is boring.. rather than just living-in-the-90s.. ha’s @ how it changed mid-episode too.. mm, Shenae Grimes’ bare backside.. just the part where a brastrap should be.. though I’d prefer Jessica Stroup’s plz, kthnx) and Supernatural (great episode.. that ending took me a bit by surprise). We had some supper in there somewhere..

I got back online.. watched some MadTV and SNL.. and that was about it.. Since I no longer have all the fancy image editing tools that I didn’t know how to use properly anyway.. from the previous computer.. I guess I’ll just make the default LJ icon an old one rather than moving up to next year’s blue ranger. 😐 Well, see ya..

[ Roubini – The Worst Is Not Behind Us ]
[ Moving America To A Sustainable Future ]
[ Iran Converts $75 Billion To Gold ]
[ 110 US Banks Ask For $170B From Bailout ]
[ Saving Car Giants Bad – Brown Tells CFR ]
[ Russia, EU Try To Outflank G20 Plotters ]
[ Obama Warned – ‘Huge’ Al Qaeda Threat – More BS ]
[ Constitutional Crisis Coming Over Obama’s Birth ]
[ Obama Fascists Mock Citizen Suits As ‘Garbage’ ]
[ Pakis Know More About Rahm Than Americans ]
[ Organic Beekeepers Report Zero Losses ]
[ 140 Years Of UFO Sightings: A Photo Treasury – Part III ]
[ Video: Rare – UFO On Leaked Military Video ]

[ Unhappy People Watch Lots More TV ]


3 Responses to “Saturday 11.15.2008 — only halfway through? crap”

  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    Have you tried Gimp?

  2. sonicalpha Says:

    I second GIMP, I use it all the time.

  3. prometheusufo Says:

    Thanks guys. I’m trying it out right now. 🙂

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