no news / today

I awoke in the morning to my alarm.. and watched Sarah Silverman Program (that was.. a pretty funny episode, wow.. lol), The Soup Presents, South Park (lol) and the first episode of Crash (ooh nice start.. shouldn’t have gotten so behind on this one). My dad returned home from dialysis.. so we then had to watch the usual morning TV.. that I’m now mostly tired of.. So I eventually got online for a bit..

After the news, I returned and watched H2O (the first of the sporadically-aired new episodes.. thanks for being so.. damn unpredictable, Nickelodeon! glad a third season’s on the way :p), My Name Is Earl (lol), Kath & Kim (lol), four more episodes of TMNT 2k3: Season 2 (don’t really care for the April’s uncle episodes all that much.. and one of them was today) and Scream Queens (2nd episode.. need to catch up here too).

Once all that was over with, I got on Home Beta for a couple hours. I’m gonna miss how small of a community it is now. Rare occurrences of annoying people, easier to find the usual people without using the friends list.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. And I still finished up online with enough time to watch last week’s 90210 (nice)..

In primetime, my dad said he was going to bed because he wasn’t feeling good.. but didn’t. So after Ghost Whisperer (which was actually very good this week), instead of watching some recorded things that I really needed to catch up on.. by dad watched the rigged Price Is Right troops special. The whole audience was armed forces.. and every single one that played a game.. somehow won.. I wasn’t paying much attention though. I wrote a little more of the new untitled Truth-Seekers series instead. Scott has gone into hiding.. until a huge event brings him back in.. I really want to get to the exciting stuff, but I know I must write the more boring setup stuff first. :p

My dad and I then wasted the rest of the night watching The Soup (lol.. though the KTLA clip reply was a bit harsh).. and the Soup Presents special that I had just watched this morning. Ugh.. See ya.

[ Depression Possible Says Soros ]
[ Paulson – Bailout Not For Carmakers ]
[ Bloomberg News Sues Fed For Info ]
[ Could Obama Pass Obama’s Security Check? ]
[ US Hides Murders, Sexual Abuses In Iraq ]
[ CIA Says Osama ‘Cut-Off’ From al-Qaeda ]
[ Secret Oz/US Base Signals Made Qantas Jet Dive? ]
[ Australia Planning To Block 10,000 Websites ]
[ Scientists Say New Ice Age Coming ]
[ Mars Lander Lives After Dust Storm ]
[ F-84 Pilot Told To Shoot ‘Aircraft Carrier’ UFO ]
[ 140 Years Of UFO Sightings: A Photo Treasury – Part I ]
[ 140 Years Of UFO Sightings: A Photo Treasury – Part II ]


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