tv cancellations / today

After 14 years and 326 episodes, FOX has canceled its sketch comedy show MADtv. Its final episode will air in May 2009.. Meanwhile, NBC has pulled the plug on Lipstick Jungle (about time!) and My Own Worst Enemy (aw, just as I was getting into it.. about as much as you can get into a flawed series like it). But luckily for the fans of these shows, NBC will leave no episodes unaired and will let them complete their runs in their current timeslots. 🙂

I awoke.. morning TV.. then online.. Lots of wasted time. And then once the noon news was over, I watched four more episodes of TMNT 2k3: Season 2 (great episodes.. only seven left to go..), followed by Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (lol.. it’s slowly growing on me). And after that, I just wasted about three more hours in Home Beta. Awesome.. I had to shut it off just as a scheduled party was about to begin. Damnit.

I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I then finished up online by 8PM.. and we watched Smallville (omg, quite possibly the best episode of the season so far.. the young Chloe & Clark scene was soooo CUTE! I gotta see more of that.. and Clark’s conversations with Jor-El are also improved from all those that have come before.. and the ending, omg.. “Doomsday is coming.” ..and the preview for next week, I didn’t expect Doomsday in the flesh this soo– *head explodes*), Grey’s Anatomy (after the previous show.. this was so damn boring in comparison, lol.. but it was alright, the new Australian chick was hot), The Office (lol, great ending) and 30 Rock (nooo, don’t worry about jumping the shark by having celebrity guest stars at least three weeks in a row >_> ..and then they made it seem even more tackier by running a new movie promo starring this week’s celebrity guest). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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One Response to “tv cancellations / today”

  1. sonicalpha Says:

    The flashback to Chloe and Clark when they were younger, is a direct link to something Clark said in one of the earlier episodes.

    It was a nice touch (and one I’d have missed, if I hadn’t recently been watching the early seasons again), but the way Clark said it, the kiss happened at school and not in his barn.

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