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I guess no one listened the first time (or perhaps due to my readership of 4?), so here I go again… SirStack has been awesome enough to scan his collection of Power Rangers scripts. Some include deleted scenes that are missing from the final versions of the episodes that aired on TV.. and a few episodes were never filmed or aired at all. Power Rangers fans, please check these out and comment. SirStack has stopped scanning due to low fan reception. 😦

A couple ABC Family season premiere dates have been confirmed. The Secret Life of the American Teenager will return for the remainder of its first season (12 episodes) on Monday January 5th. And then Kyle XY‘s third season is set to begin the next week, on Monday January 12th, with the season’s first ten episodes.. But before that, the first eleven episodes of Secret Life: Season 1 and Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season are expected on DVD December 30th.. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning again.. and got online. Of course.. My dad awoke a bit later. Morning TV. Blah. Online again. Same everyday.. But once my dad’s news was over, I watched four more episodes of TMNT 2k3: Season 2 (great episodes..), followed by The Mentalist (possibly my favorite new non-scifi drama.. may have said that already too :p) and Samantha Who (haha).

Once all that was over, I got on Home Beta for a few more hours. New features now. Plz. Kthnx.. I shut it down by 6PM and we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished by 8PM.. but I decided to be nice and let my dad watch his CMA Awards. So I stayed online. All night. I finally checked out Rangercast.. since I’ve downloaded a lot of TV and have finally come around to PR-related material. I got all the ones I could on their site (059-105), then got on a nearly-dead torrent for the rest. I’m probably the last person getting into it or something.. :p

I didn’t want to begin downloading in the middle of a Power Rangers season, so I went ahead and finished the season on VHS. But next season, I’ll definitely download from the beginning.. then buy the official DVDs as well, of course. Looking forward to next month’s Jungle Fury DVDs.. and the cross-promoting Power Rangers CCG cards within. :p

Well.. see ya..

[ Rothschild Sees New World Order Via Global Bank Governance ]
[ PDF: US Army Federal Civilian Inmate Labor Program ]
[ Obama To Increase War & ‘Hunt For Osama’ ]
[ The Bush Doctrine – Obama Needs New Policies ]
[ Hizbullah Leader Doubtful Of Obama ‘Change’ ]
[ Clinton’s Key Role In The Financial Crash ]
[ What The ‘Bailout’ Is Really Costing US ]
[ US May Lose Its ‘AAA’ Rating ]
[ Best Buy Having Worst Of Times ]
[ Australia To End Internet Freedom ]
[ US Admits Georgia Attack On SO Was ‘Mistake’ ]
[ Scandal Rocks US Kosher Meat Industry ]
[ Robots Now Make Faces Exactly Like People ]
[ Hackers Could Shut Down Much Of Internet ]
[ UFO Objects Over DC Restricted Airspace ]


3 Responses to “hexagon archives / abc family jan dates / today”

  1. aresef Says:

    The torrent went up like a forever ago, and has since died. Been meaning to re-up. Maybe around later this year.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    Cool. There is one seeder on it right now, but they’re only seeding at about 1kbps. 13% done though. :p

  3. aresef Says:

    You’ll get there in at least three years. :-p I’ll do an organized re-up with the episodes I’ve done since then probably around Decemberish.

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