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Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of November 16th to 22nd: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Tropic Thunder is out this week. The 2-disc Director’s Cut DVD will be $22.99 everywhere. Circuit City is offering some elusively-worded “exclusive behind-the-scenes material” that may or may not be on the DVD, Target will have a patch.. and Best Buy is offering a T-shirt with the $27.99 Blu-ray. Meanwhile, FYE is said to be offering a DVD steelbook. 🙂 ..Disney tried DVD price-gouging once before (with that Hannah Montana concert DVD & the HSM2 double-dip), but this is ridiculous. Wall-E‘s 3-disc DVD will be $29.99 at both Best Buy & Target, and $27.99 at Circuit City. WTF? The Blu-ray will be available as a 3-disc or a digital-copy-free 2-disc. The 2-disc Blu will be cheapest at Target — $25.99. But both Best Buy and Target will have the 3-disc Blu for the same price at the 3-disc DVD — $29.99. :/ Pretty retarded way to get people to buy Blu-ray..

Here’s a surprise. Best Buy will have steelbook packaging for Doctor Who: Season 4 (at $69.99). Cool.. Best Buy will offer Hannah Montana: Season 1 for just $27.99 (definitely not worth it for me, but a good deal nonetheless).. Both Best Buy and Target will have great deals on TV DVD boxed sets this week. Seasons of Smallville, Roswell, Family Guy, That 70s Show, Friends, Simpsons and more will range in price from only $12.98 to $14.99 per season. Wow. Wish I could afford some of these..

On January 27th 2009, Marvel Animated Features will release their next direct-to-video.. release. The Hulk Vs double feature will be available in 1-disc DVD, 2-disc Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray and Marvel.com runs down all the details.. and shows all the cover arts. The release will include two 40-some-minute features — Hulk Vs Wolverine & Hulk Vs Thor. The 1-disc DVD edition features lenticular cover art, but the other versions have more special features (of course)..

TheFutonCritic has gotten a hold of ABC’s mid-season schedule, which should take effect by January. The new season of Scrubs will open for Lost on Wednesday night and go head-to-head with CBS’ current “happy hour” of sitcoms (starting January 28th, I’m betting), while Life On Mars will move to follow Lost. According To Jim returns for a new season on Tuesdays, and Grey’s spin-off Private Practice will follow Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday. 🙂

TVShowsOnDVD now has cover art for the February 17th Dead Like Me releases, including the new direct-to-video movie Dead Like Me: Life After Death. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning.. and got online. Then we eventually got ready and headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Target and picked up Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits – CD / DVD Deluxe Edition. :p Clone Wars was packaged alright, a slipcover open on top and bottom with the alternate cover art holds the thick comic book and case with same alternate cover art. And just as I had thought: their Hellboy II comic was only with the 1-disc. Ew. So I passed on buying it there altogether.. I moved on to WalMart. I was craving more PR CCG cards.. but they hadn’t restocked them. They put other cards on its peg instead. 😦

Next, I visited Best Buy. Their Clone Wars Steelbook might as well have been called AluminumBook. It was so damn light. Ugh. Glad I passed on that.. Though I did get Scrubs: Season 7, Hellboy II, Now 29, a couple free Bolt Sneak Peek DVDs.. and some DVDRs.. Hellboy II‘s “limited time” lenticular is awesome.. compared to others that just flash from one image to the other. This one actually transforms from comic book Hellboy to movie Hellboy. Nice. 🙂 ..Nope, no DBZ for me. No sale prices = no sale. Why buy them at their regular prices now when I could more easily afford them at the same price in the coming months? 😦

My dad realized he had forgotten his wallet at home, so we had to go all the way home to pick it up and then out again.. I eventually went to a different WalMart and picked up seven more packs of Power Rangers CCG cards.. Upon arriving home, I found I had only gotten five new standard cards. Hooray. Though I did get lucky enough to find three more new gold cards, but none of them were the MMPR card I long for so badly. Damnit. My card entry has been completely updated, btw..

We watched some Ellen, followed by CSI NY (nice) and Prison Break (wow). Then I got on Home Beta for a bit as my dad fell asleep. I woke him at about 6PM, like he had instructed me before.. then I got online to inventory the discs and news-gather. We had some supper, the then I finished up online by 8PM. Phew. And I didn’t even notice that I had forgotten to watch the day’s episodes of TMNT 2k3: Season 2 until it was already 7PM. :p

So in primetime, we watched House (very good episode), Fringe (nice, still improving from its rough start 🙂 ) and Sunday’s True Blood (yay, no nudity for once.. but at the same time.. boo, no nudity.. lol.. very good episode, hope this season’s on DVD before Season 2 next summer.. hm, deja vu). And then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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