Saturday 11.01.2008 —

I awoke to my alarm.. then fell asleep again.. That might of had to do with my late night on Home Beta.. and the Mirror’s Edge demo ( I awoke again and watched Best Week Ever (oops, fell asleep again.. i’ll have to rewatch tomorrow), TMNT Back To The Sewer (pretty good episode..), South Park (lol), Sarah Silverman Program (ha.. retarded), UFO Hunters (the season premiere) and Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (after it barely keeping my attention.. I give up.. I’m too behind on other TV to be wasting time on this.. *deletes this and this morning’s episode as well*).

I then watched some of the Family Guy Vol 6 special features that I was unable to get to yesterday (100th episode special, lol.. my dad didn’t get the joke about interviewing people who hate the show :/).. followed by My Own Worst Enemy (hmm, not bad.. I hope it keeps improving) and Ghost Whisperer (I’m four eps behind now.. well, three after this one..). I got online for a bit.. then eventually had some supper.

Next, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched the latest two episodes of Gossip Girl (needed to catch up on this too, good episodes.. but what exactly were Jenny and them planning to do in that apartment? and why did Nate have to come barging in and ruin it just as it was getting awesome? 😡 .. :p). I got back online.. then never returned to the DVR even though I had wanted to. Damn. Primeval‘s finale was on BBC America tonight and all 12 episodes await me on the bedroom DVR. :p

Well.. see ya..

[ Video: Obama To Create New ‘Civilian Military Force’ ]
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[ It’s Not The Economy, Stupid! ]
[ Paulson’s Swindle Revealed – Largest Theft In History ]
[ Two-Thirds Of China’s Billionaires Wiped Out ]
[ Putin – We Must End Monopoly In World Finance ]
[ Being ‘All You Can Be’ Didn’t List ‘Torturer’ ]
[ Jews Fear Anti-Israeli Sentiment In Germany ]


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