pr ccg update / today

Check out this checklist and the rules for the Power Rangers Official Collectible Card Game. It’s pretty much complete (only missing five cards). This first series, titled “It’s Morphin Time!”, covers Mighty Morphin, Wild Force, S.P.D., Jungle Fury.. and even includes a couple Power Rangers R.P.M. cards. One of them claims that the title for R.P.M.‘s Megazord is “Engine King”. Hm.. It seems Meijer and WalMart stores are getting these in early. They are offering them at about $3 a pack. Each pack contains “8 cards (5 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare), 1 Parallel Holographic card randomly inserted (1:1 pack), and Gold Foil cards randomly inserted (1:6 packs)”. When Bandai was contacted about stock, they said to expect them in more stores beginning next month..

Upon finishing the previous entry, I once again got on Home Beta.. and finally unlocked another item. Yay. 🙂 I got the computer back online, then went to sleep.. I awoke the next morning and right away watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Turbo (good episodes, though still saw some minor desyncing.. and the start of “Little Strong Man” had no audio for a few seconds.. no spoken words missed though, as far as I can tell). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. Then I got online for a bit..

I returned to the living room a little while later and started a new game of GTA IV. I just couldn’t wait to start collecting trophies. I got the first one.. for finishing the first mission.. then failed at attempting two others. 😦 ..So I got onto Home Beta for the rest of the afternoon.. and soon attempted to unlock a new item.. no matter how lame it was in comparision to other international servers.. We had a lame supper, then I shut off the PS3 rather close to 6PM. I got online to news-gather..

In primetime.. my dad headed to my room to watch his football game.. while I watched TV in the living room. :/ So I watched Chuck (great episode), Heroes (great episode here too 🙂 ) and True Blood (love this show.. another great episode, of course :p). And not long after that, I returned to my room for the night…. See ya.

[ Hawaii Gov Blocks Obama Birth Certificate Release ]
[ Help Force Release Of Obama Birth Documents ]
[ LA Times Hides Obama – Radical Muslim Tape ]
[ Obama – Another Trilateral Stooge ]
[ Obama Wants 12 Million Illegals To Get Citizenship ]
[ Obama Offers DLs & SS Benefits To Illegals ]
[ Hillary Backers Rage Over Massive Obama Vote Fraud ]
[ Feds Disrupt ‘Skinhead’ Plot To ‘Kill Obama’ ]
[ Kidd – Federal Judge Slaps Voters In Face ]
[ Makow – The Satanist Banker Conspiracy ]
[ US Destroys Syrian Site Near Iraq Border ]
[ Syria Enraged Over US Attack ]
[ CIA ‘Rendition’ Plane Doubled As Coke Carrier ]
[ US Dollar Currency Collapse Within 30 Days ]
[ Deflation Accelerating ]
[ G7 ‘Preparing To Force Yen Down’ ]
[ Oz Dollar Drops 40% For No Reason ]
[ JPMorgan Under Criminal Investigation ]
[ Oz Plan To Filter Net Sites Moves Forward ]
[ Teenagers Less Intelligent Than Last Generation ]
[ Pediatrician – ADHD Does Not Exist (He’s Right) ]


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