Saturday 10.25.2008 — qore home invites / mst3k dvd sales

The November 2008 issue download of PlayStation’s Qore (aka episode 6) is said to offer a look inside PlayStation Home.. as well as an invite into the Closed Beta. So in just a few weeks, Home may be open to anyone able to pay $2.99 for a PS3 download from the PlayStation Store.. Neat.

It seems all copies of the Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition – Limited Edition Tin Boxed Set, out this Tuesday, are already out of stock. All copies have already been snapped up by stores and pre-orders. Wow. Shout! Factory is now quickly preparing a basic edition (without a tin or any of the other collectibles) for release on November 18th.. If I had any plans to purchase this, I’d be worried right now..

Once I was done with the previous entry.. I got on Home Beta for an hour or two. Surprising how many are online at 2AM.. I went to sleep, then awoke at about 10:30AM.. after my alarm. Damnit.. I watched Best Week Ever (wow.. that was horrible.. yes, please make it even more like all those hollywood news shows that I DON’T watch.. stupid crap), last Saturday’s Biker Mice From Mars (lol Surfer Cats From Saturn.. nice) and.. last Monday’s Power Rangers Jungle Fury (“Maryl And The Monkeys”, oh gawd…… oh it wasn’t bad.. yay’s 4 Fran 🙂 ).

I then watched Raising The Bar (nice) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another very good episode.. this series continues to be way better than the movie). We soon went down to Circuit City, where I returned Casino Royale… Upon returning, I watched Chocolate News (ugh.. may give up this one).. then my dad joined me and we watched Samantha Who (haha), CSI (wow, great episode.. hope the Manikiller comes back somehow, that was coool) and Greek (another good episode).

We had some supper.. then I got online briefly before watching Supernatural (the 10/16 episode.. very good episode.. even though the black & white did seem out-of-place at times.. but I guess it wouldn’t have looked so great if they switched back and forth throughout it though). I was wanting to watch a movie.. but my dad didn’t seem to.. so I just got online for the rest of the night. Ugh.

See ya.

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[ Teen Readers Make Vampire Books Big Business ]


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