gta4 trophies / today

This coming Monday, a new Grand Theft Auto IV addon will be added to the PlayStation Network — trophies! A collection of 51 trophies in all. Hmm, maybe I’ll start playing it again.. then.. Because right now, I don’t have a single trophy. And I needs some. And GTA IV continues to be the only game that I own, so.. :p

After finishing up the previous entry, I got my PS3 online and began downloading the Resistance 2 Beta. Even though I didn’t particularly like the Resistance demo. And now I better hurry. Because this one now has an expiration date as well.. I finally watched an episode of Wolverine And The X-Men (neat) while downloading to waste some time.. but only reached about 40% before I paused it and got on the Home Beta (had to pause it, Home lagged with it downloading). Home really is like The Sims. Both games make me feel entertained and bored at the same time. Hopefully, there’ll be a lot more content by the time the user floodgates are opened..

Before I knew it, I had stayed online with Home up to 5AM. My dad had woken up and I let him watch some news. Then I took over again and he took off to dialysis. I nodded off to sleep, then awoke an hour later just long enough to shut the PS3 off. And then awoke again to my dad. He had returned from dialysis already. We watched some boring morning TV, then I got online for a bit.

Eventually, I took over the TV once again and watched Pushing Daisies (very good episode) and Heroes (omg @ the omg ending.. great episode too).. followed by four more episodes of Power Rangers Turbo (“Clash Of The Megazords” too was somewhat out of sync.. for a large part of the episode too 😦 ..otherwise, enjoyed.. especially the “Beware The Third Wish” /”The Gardner of Evil” hidden two-parter).

Once they were over, I got back on the Home Beta again. There’s a cool event going on involving– wait.. never mind.. Before I knew it, we were having supper. Then I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. I finished online by 8PM. We watched My Name Is Earl (lol) and Kath & Kim (best episode yet). Then my dad wasn’t feeling good, so he went to bed early.. I watched South Park (I wasn’t into it all that much.. until the Cloverfield parodying started.. now that was hilarious) and Sarah Silverman Program (heh..k.. the massage subplot was a bit funnier).

And that was about it for the night. See ya..

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