I.. couldn’t wait until tomorrow. So after I was done with everything online, at about 1:30AM, I got the PS3 online. I got the new system update (v2.50, with a lot of new features), then downloaded Home Closed Beta.. and pretty much played it.. up until 5AM. I was a bit surprised that there were quite a few people in there at such a late hour. :p I would elaborate with more details, but this game falls under a non-disclosure agreement. So if I reveal anything, PlayStation has the option to kick me out. And even though my readers are few and very far between, I just don’t want to risk it.. My dad woke up by about 4:30 and I soon let him catch some news before heading off to dialysis.

Soon after he left, I went to sleep.. I awoke by 10AM and got online for a bit. My dad arrived home about 15 minutes later. We watched some TV and had some breakfast. He began feeling weak again.. even though he had things to do today. 😦 We watched Samantha Who? (haha), then I waited until a torrent was done before I got the PS3 back online and returned to Home Closed Beta. And pretty much played all afternoon. Apparently UK & Japan Home beta testers can invite US Home beta testers to their servers. I wonder how different those servers are.. *hinthint2internationalbetatesters* 🙂

I finally shut it off a little past 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had a rather crappy supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We watched Pushing Daisies (very good episode).. followed by My Own Worst Enemy (eh, it wasn’t bad.. I guess..), Little Britain USA (lol.. this makes me want to get a hold of the UK version) and Life on Mars (US version, of course.. third time’s the charm? guess not.. didn’t like the first episode of the UK series and gave up, didn’t like the unaired US pilot and gave up.. and now.. I may give this one one more episode.. the scifi mystery aspects need to be turned up if I’m to stick around). My dad went to bed during the latter.. and I later returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Financial Crisis = Birth Pains Of A New Currency ]
[ Not Enough $$$ In The World To Fix Things ]
[ Chomsky – Economic Crisis Will Not End US Hegemony ]
[ US Stocks Plunge Most Since Crash Of ’87 ]
[ Here Comes The Recession… ]
[ ‘Bailout’ Costs Taxpayers $4 Trillion – So Far ]
[ Bailout Billions May Not Save Banking System ]
[ Main St Suspicious Of Bush Bailout ]
[ Wall St Humiliated By Nationalization Of Banks ]
[ Smaller Banks Resist Federal Cash Infusions ]
[ Federal Reserve Abolition Act – HR 2755 ]
[ Toben’s Arrest – New Assault Against Free Speech ]
[ Freedom Lost By One Is Lost By All ]


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