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It’s that time again… Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of October 19th to 25th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. The Incredible Hulk is likely the big release this week. Unfortunately, no stores seem to be offering a steelbook. 😦 All three stores are offering the 3-disc (2-disc DVD plus digital copy disc) for the usual $22.99. Target will offer a “2-Disc Deluxe Edition” with alternate cover art that may resemble this magazine cover, as well as a “bonus disc” containing a digital copy and “additional content”. I bet the cover is the only real exclusive though.. Best Buy has another lithograph (probably as cheap as the Iron Man one), Circuit City has a CD-ROM game card, and WalMart will have a digital comic bonus DVD.. with only the 1-disc of course. The best price for the Blu-ray is Best Buy’s $26.99.. or is that $24.99? Speedy claims it’s in the ad twice for two different prices, making it an easy price-match elsewhere if it’s a mistake. πŸ˜‰

Family Guy: Volume VI has its best price at Circuit City: just $24.99. No exclusives there though. Target will have another Deluxe Edition with a signed script and poster for $29.99.. and Best Buy will just have another lithograph.. Casino Royale is being re-released as a 3-Disc Collector’s Edition in time for Quantum of Solace, complete with movie cash to the new film. Circuit City will offer the title for just $14.99, the lowest among all three retailers. But Best Buy will be offering six exclusive Blu-ray steelbooks for the new James Bond releases of Thunderball, From Russia With Love, Dr. No, Live And Let Die, Die Another Day & For Your Eyes Only — at only $24.99 each. :p

Peter Laird has made a statement on his blog about the recently-revealed 25th Anniversary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It’s set to air on CW4Kids as three episodes and will then have its own “movie” DVD release. Peter Laird reveals that the film “finally brings together the old and the new” and that “this project will also show fans the Turtles as they have never before been seen in animation”. Very interesting. Looking forward to this. πŸ™‚

But in other Ninja Turtles news.. Fan VaughnMicheal has heard from a source that after this season (Back To The Sewer) and the upcoming special mentioned above, TMNT 2k3 will be coming to an end. “The TMNT cartoon is NOT being renewed for Fall 2009. This looks like the end of the cartoon, folks (aside from that “special” airing in Spring 2009).” Though the 4Kids representative over at the Technodrome Forums didn’t seem to know about this news..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then had some breakfast. We watched some morning TV, then soon took off to media buy…

First, I headed over to Target. I took a close look at their exclusive Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2-disc with alternate packaging. Not bad. Didn’t like that the discs were in the hardcover photobook inside the slipcover though. So I passed.. and just got some M&Ms.. I headed to Best Buy next and passed on Indy 4 again. I’d like to own all four movies, but not in the form of an over-expensive thinpak box set (seems to be $59.99 everywhere). Ugh. And I was also a bit budget-weary about buying all three 1-disc releases (for $10 each) and the 2-disc Indy 4 (for $23) in one day. :/

So I left the store with only 4 Film Favorites: Superman. This is my first ever budget DVD release purchase. The first four films with special features (commentaries, additional scenes) on two dual-sided discs for only $12.99. Not bad. They also released two four-film sets for Nightmare on Elm Street (Movies 1-4 & 5-8, of course) and a Matrix four-film set (featuring the trilogy and Animatrix). I’d sooo buy those first four Batman movies this way too. Pleeease. πŸ™‚

Next, I went to Borders and finally picked up the Gantz Volume 2 manga. I should really get back to reading Vol 1. :p ..I got an icee, then we visited a couple grocery stores and returned home.. We then watched The Big Bang Theory (lol) and How I Met Your Mother (lol @ the time travel ploy at the beginning.. good episode). My dad was doing other things, so I decided to get on LittleBigPlanet Beta. It was then that I learned that the Beta expired on Sunday. Ugh. And changing the PS3 clock didn’t work. 😦

We soon went ahead and watched Two & A Half Men (lol), Worst Week (lol.. it’s possible this may have some staying power after all.. maybe a season or two :p) and CSI Miami (alright episode). After that, it was 5PM. I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some fast food for supper. I also noticed that PSN had sent me a Home Closed Beta code to my inbox. Cool. I can’t get to it until at least morning, so I hope it doesn’t expire before then…

In primetime, we watched House (great episode, loved it), Fringe (last episode was mytharc heavy and awesome, this one not so much.. but I still enjoyed it a bit more than those first two somewhat-yawnworthy episodes.. and yes, I did spot “The Observer”.. with this and Lost sharing some subject matter, some sort of crossover would be awesome.. even if it is just this Observer guy making another blink-and-you’ll-miss-him appearance :p) and Opportunity Knocks (nice.. though I’m starting to bore of this too already.. unlike my father, whose praise for it only seems to grow every week).

And that’s about it.. See ya.

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