I stayed up quite late last night waiting for the new episode of True Blood to get online. I think I fell asleep in this chair for a bit. My dad woke up after 4AM for dialysis, then I gave up on True Blood and went to sleep after he left.. I awoke hours later and got online to find True Blood still wasn’t available. 😦 My dad eventually returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen.

After some more time online (still no True Blood), I took over the TV as my dad went off to bed. I watched Greek (very good episode.. don’t know why they didn’t release a Vol 2 DVD yet), Gurren Lagann (episode 15.. so finale-ish.. and a recap episode follows, sounds sorta like the end of one season and the start of another), The Ex List (episode 1.. hm, not bad.. ha’s @ the very-female aspects they’ve added.. mainly the vagina subplot :p ..and sorta saw that end coming in the main plot) and Ghost Whisperer (Friday’s episode.. ha’s @ how they’re working together in the field, even making reference to CSI.. but I fell asleep 😦 ..and deleted it from the PS3.. but now I want to give it a second chance solely due to confirmation that that was Rachel Leigh Cook in a guest-starring role, as I thought before nodding off.. hm).

Somewhere during that, I got online and found True Blood had been posted. Hooray. But due to the awesome popularity of the show, thousands of people jumped on the torrent and made it go so slow. Or maybe it was because Anna Paquin did her first ever nude scene in said episode (S01E06). But either way, it slowed down. I waited until it finished and watched s’more stuff in the process. I had wanted to get the PS3 online and play more of the LittleBigPlanet Beta (been wanting to get back to it all weekend).. but now I must wait another day. 😦 ..I got back online and news-gathered, then we soon had some supper.

I finished up online by 8PM. I then took over the living room TV and watched Chuck (watched live for the first time.. very good episode), Heroes (watched live for maybe the third or fourth time.. awesome episode.. this season seems to be getting better and better every week 🙂 ) and True Blood (great episode.. definitely can’t wait to own the official DVDs now.. but until then, I’ll keep all these episodes and burn them to discs.. with a few “special features” :p ..hope the offficial DVDs arrive before Season 2 next summer 🙂 ). My dad went to.. his room or whatever.. for most of the night. He doesn’t like any of these shows.. and nothing else was on due to the CBS-pulling assholes at Bright House..

*begins torrenting and transferring CBS shows to PS3* Well.. see ya..

[ Makow – Illuminati Bankers ‘Revolution’ By Economy ]
[ Tape Blows Cover On True Treasury Intent ]
[ Govt To Only Invest In ‘Healthy’ Banks (!) ]
[ Dow Rockets As Feds Will Buy Into ‘Healthy’ Banks ]
[ Treasury Buys Into Banks – Paulson’s 9 Finalists Are… ]
[ Dow Soars 936 (You Can Go Back To Sleep Now) ]
[ Soros – Nothing Will Prevent ‘Severe Recession’ ]
[ The Wall Street-Treasury-Fed Axis Of Evil ]
[ Crushing Potential Of Financial Derivatives ]
[ Trains, Water, Power May Be Next Bailouts ]
[ Final Shoe Dropping On US Consumerism ]
[ War-Hungry Peres Warns Iran Against Surprise Attack ]
[ Kidd – Presidential Election… One Giant Fraud ]
[ Vote Obama & Your Daughter Will Be Drafted ]
[ Eruption Of 3 Volcanoes Raises Questions ]
[ Prediction – No Spaceship On October 14th ]


4 Responses to “today”

  1. sodders Says:

    The LBP Beta ended on Sunday. The game is out in a week.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    Yeah, I just recently noticed that. -_- Got the code on the 7th too. If I had known it had an expiration date, I would’ve gotten on it sooner.. I was pissed… but looking in my inbox just now and seeing a beta code for Home just helped that somewhat. :p ..Wonder if there’s expiration on it too..

    And it’s out in a week? I saw it at Best Buy today.

  3. sodders Says:

    You prolly saw the /preorder boxes/ for it. Best Buy does that.

  4. prometheusufo Says:

    Yeah, I saw a few of those. But I don’t recall seeing “pre-order” or “pre-sell” anywhere on its packaging. And while the other pre-order boxes were along the top row, these weren’t. *shrug* Can’t afford it either way. What very little of the beta I was able to play I enjoyed quite a bit though. 🙂

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