Sunday 10.12.2008 —

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. 21 Blu-ray for only $17.99 at Circuit City? Hmm.. I got online for a bit, then watched Bleach (not bad..), Code Geass (only three episodes left this season.. no wonder it’s getting so awesome), Gunslinger Girl (I missed the last episode on IFC ages ago, so I recently DVRed a rerun), Ben 10: Alien Force (that was a pretty good episode), Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (best episode so far.. Limburger’s back.. yay!), South of Nowhere (the final episodes begin.. pretty good.. I wonder what special features those Amazon DVDs have, if any) and The Sarah Silverman Program (the second episode I missed.. I didn’t miss much.. Steve’s little video — the first, not so much the second one — was probably my favorite part of the whole thing :p).

I gave the TV over to my dad, who began trying to get in CBS once again so he could watch his Colts game. He got pissed after his tin foil idea only seemed to make it worse, then said he was giving up on our cable company after only one week without CBS. He thinks the cable company (Bright House) will never get CBS back, so now he’s considering that AT&T U-Verse crap. Cable-like TV and high-speed internet all through a tiny phone line? Wow, that won’t be downgrading my internet bandwidth at all. And he don’t give a shit about my internet, because it’s mine and I’m paying for it. Just like those “missing” DVDs and video games I purchased and he probably stole and sold for money (it stopped once the local disc-buying shop that he’d been to before closed). I’m currently paying the entire cable bill too ($140!), but that makes no fucking difference to him. Asshole..

I got online briefly, then went to the bedroom DVR and watched the latest two episodes of Supernatural (great episodes.. since it was a little like a two-parter, it felt like a little movie.. as if it doesn’t feel like that every week :p week looks good too) and this week’s 90210 (wow, good episode.. that ending, ack.. this show definitely feels stuck in the 90s.. but I loved the 90s, so what’s wrong with that? :p). We eventually had some quick supper from the fridge.. and soon returned to the living room.

We watched Funniest Videos (the moment I saw that stupid video, I had a feeling that it would win.. but at least the one I thought deserved to win was at least in the top 3 this time), CSI Las Vegas (just had to see last season’s finale again.. and my dad saw it for the first time), Desperate Housewives (haha, very good episode..) and.. CSI Las Vegas (the season premiere.. somewhat predictable.. but we liked it 🙂 ..ninth season, hard to believe it..). And that was about it..

See ya.

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