Saturday 10.11.2008 — star wars = space battles.. not mafia babysitting

I awoke in the morning and.. got online for a bit. But then I watched Degrassi TNG (pretty good episode.. though I couldn’t help but feel like it was actually a pilot episode for Degrassi TNG TNG due to all the new characters :p), The Soup (lol), Raising The Bar (good show), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (best episode yet.. this “Malevolence” three-parter should’ve been the theatrical movie.. because star wars = space battles.. not mafia babysitting :p), The Mentalist (from last week.. hmm, no post-pilot quality slump.. not bad) and CSI New York (wow, pretty good episode).

We had some breakfast in there somewhere.. and before I knew it, it was already 2PM. We then watched 21. Great movie. I should’ve bought it on release week. That good. I downloaded three different dvdrips.. and they all had something wrong with them. The first one wasn’t PS3 compatible, the second one wasn’t PS3 compatible (and it was from aXXo), then a higher quality version had desynced audio. Ugh. So I finally gave in and netflixed it instead. :p Now I think I wants to ownz it..

I got online again.. and discovered that the Zeitgeist II: Addendum official torrent was finally online. Yay. Now all I need is the DVD ISO. The Zeitgeist Movement site is also online.. We soon had some supper, then I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Everybody Hates Chris (last week’s episode.. lol, how far he’s come in the small amount of time that I quit watching because I got bored of it), Ugly Betty (very good episode), Bones (great episode.. but no more until November? 😦 ) and Everybody Hates Chris (last night’s episode.. lol @ him talking to girls “yes… yes… yes…” friend: “you are so in!” :p).

I got back online.. and eventually watched some SNL.. cause MadTV was a rerun already.. even though MadTV has been as sporadically funny as SNL for a little while now.. Blah. See ya.

[ Video: Glenn Beck Warns Of NWO & World Currency ]
[ Army Orders Microwave Pain Ray Trucks ]
[ MD Cops Put Activists’ Names On Terror Lists ]
[ Ex ITN Reporter And BBC Host Discusses Zionism ]
[ Oliver Stone’s Masonic (Thumb On Knuckle) Greeting ]
[ Berlusconi – Leaders May Close World’s Markets ]
[ White House – Markets Won’t Be Shut Down ]
[ Morgan Stanley & Goldman Dive On Downgrade Fear ]
[ GM, Chrysler In Merger Talks ]
[ What The Financial Crisis Means For You ]
[ Israel Hires PR Firm For Political Facelift ]
[ Kirwan – The Long Disputed War Is Over! ]
[ Obama Fundraiser Rezko Starts Singing To Feds ]
[ McCain Booed Trying To Calm Anti-Obama Crowd ]
[ 20 Questions For Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan ]
[ Golden Gate Netting To Stop Suicide Jumpers ]
[ Brown Lawn Puts FL Grandpa In Jail – No Bail ]


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