no news.. again? damn.. / today

I awoke in the morning and watched South Park (lol.. not looking as forward to Indy 4 as I once was :p), Sarah Silverman Program (lol, so stupid.. and I realized I missed last night’s new episode, so I downloaded), last weekend’s Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (wish there weren’t so many cartoons nowadays that made me feel dumb after watching them.. like this one for example :/ ) and two more episodes of Gurran Lagann (er however it’s spelled.. I’m liking it.. now that it’s copying from other animes that I enjoy :p ..four more until I’m caught up, if that’ll ever happen).

My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast and watched some Ellen. I got online for a bit, then took over the TV once again and watched last week’s CSI NY (pretty good.. ha @ it sorta being one long commercial for Maroon 5’s new album, complete with only songs from said album), Knight Rider 2k8 (this wasn’t bad.. “KITT’s waterproof’ Me: “What, is he going to transform into a submarine nex– oh, there he goes..” lol), Pushing Daisies (a little better than last week..) and Chuck (very good episode).

While watching the last few shows, I got the PS3 online for the first time in about a month and downloaded some things, including another free Qore.. and the LittleBigPlanet Beta. I haven’t really been paying all that much attention to the game. But when the opportunity came up to get a limited download for free (via promotion code), I had to get in on that. I played through the tutorial and the first story level.. and ended up quite liking it. If the new release games didn’t cost so much, I’d probably get it sooner. But I guess this beta will be enough for me for now..

The PS3 got disconnected while watching the show, after the downloads completed. So the recent connection problem’s not due to the PC. It’s probably the work they did to “fix” the cable line recently. Ugh. It seems to disconnect whenever the bandwidth is not or barely in use.. while I’m away from the computer. And I have to unplug / replug the modem just to get reconnected again 😦 ..I shut off the PS3 by 5:30, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 7PM. I went to the bedroom DVR and watched last week’s Bones (very good episode, haha).

And then at 8PM, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Unrated. Don’t know why the Judd Apatow films always have to replace lines with other lines for the so-called “extended edition”. I miss some of the great lines from Superbad that I don’t have on DVD because I opted for the 2-disc unrated version. But at least this movie was released with both versions in one release. But I opted to watch the unrated version anyway. I see why they went with the same two clips for the DVD ad. Trying to make it look like more of a comedy than it actually is. It’s definitely funny, but there’s also a nice amount of romantic drama as well. I really liked it.. and not just for the scantily-claddedness of Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis (yum.. heard that flashing picture was a photoshop though 😦 ). Haha’s @ the “Undeclared reunion” easter egg. I thought that girl looked familiar. I should see that show again..

Well.. see ya.

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