dvd ads oct 12-18 / today

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of October 12th to 18th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. The big video release this week is definitely Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. The basic 2-disc DVD edition is $22.99 everywhere (Best Buy has the best deal on the Blu-ray — $26.99). Circuit City is offering a pair of lithographs, while Target will have a “Deluxe Edition” that sounds like it’ll at least include alternate cover art and an 80-page photobook. Or get the Crystal Skull replica gift set at Best Buy for $39.99. Or how about all four films in thinpak case boxed set for $59.99 at Best Buy (they’re the only ones who put it in their ad). And buy any version of Crystal Skull at Best Buy and get a free bag of M&M’s! Oooh.. After seeing that price on the four-film pack.. and discovering the fact that they are thinpak cases once again (ugh).. I’m considering whether I should buy any of these films at all. I liked the first three at least, but I’d like them in regular DVD cases. Circuit City is offering the previous three films for $9.99 each. So if I buy all four separately in regular DVD cases, I’d actually save a little money over the $59.99 boxed set. :/ I’ve sorta already downloaded all four movies, as well as Young Indiana Jones..

Also Back To You: Season One is out this week and in Best Buy’s ad for a hefty $29.99. FOX has canceled the show (just because it was too expensive to make with two such big stars), but by that “Season One” part of the title, I think they’re waiting to see DVD sales before putting the final nail in the coffin. And that price sure doesn’t help that. 😐 It’s definitely not worth that much to me..

I awoke a little before 6AM and got online to finish the previous entry. And then I watched last week’s Wolverine And The X-Men (eh, not bad), last week’s Greek (I downloaded the episodes like normal.. but forgot about DVRing them.. weird.. so I just transferred both eps to the PS3.. and this episode was great) and a Dragon Ball Z movie double feature of “Tree of Might” (I fell asleep near the end.. but I’ve seen it before.. on CN) and “Lord Slug” (first time viewing this one.. and continued not to like the movies all that much.. maybe I like DBZ so much because the stories are long.. and the movies sure aren’t.. they all seem to be an hour or less each).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched Ellen.. and I got online for a bit. I was all ready to watch some things and to get the PS3 online for the first time in about a month in order to use my LittleBigPlanet Beta code.. when my dad brought up us moving again, thus ruining the entire afternoon. I only stared at my dad in anger because serious business is one thing I find difficult talking about with anyone. After a little while, he went on a rant about how this place was a dump (only partly due to me). And in the end, I became a little less mad because I agreed with a few of his points. But then we pretty much just sat in a somewhat-awkward silent for two and a half hours watching crappy daytime TV.

I also thought about how our lives had gone so downhill over the years….. And then I got online to news-gather. And he fell asleep.. He awoke later and made some supper, then I finished up online by 9PM. We then watched Old Christine (we watched these over the rabbit ears.. ew.. never again… but lol @ episode), Gary Unmarried (lol), two episodes of Til Death (“Secret Meatball” reminded me of a Raymond episode.. or a King of Queens episode) and two episodes of My Name Is Earl (lol.. from last week). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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