re degeneration dvd / today

It’s about time we heard something new about this film.. Resident Evil: Degeneration, the CG-animated film previewed on the last live action film’s DVD release, will be released onto DVD and Blu-ray on December 30th. Check out DVDActive for the specs and some early cover art..

I awoke early in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I eventually watched another MST3k (lol.. but “Catching Trouble” was probably the most wrong short I have ever seen on this show.. ack). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. I got bored of that and got online for a bit.

I returned to the living room a little later and watched last night’s True Blood (very good episode, and they did it withou– oh, there’s some nudity.. nm :p), the first episode of Little Britain USA (lol), four more episodes of DBZ Season 6 (coool), Robot Chicken (lol) and Studio DC: Almost Live. I could barely stay interested in the latter. So much so that I fell asleep.. I awoke a bit later and got online to news-gather, then my dad woke up from his nap and we had some supper.

Due to out cable company’s greedy CBS shutout bullshit, we couldn’t see the usual comedies. So instead, we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (limited commercial interruption, sweet.. good episode too), Prison Break (so it seems these two will run for just 13 episodes each.. since Dollhouse and 24 take over Mondays in January..? good move.. this probably would have felt padded out if done otherwise).. and the first two episodes of Little Britain USA (just had to show it to my dad, lol.. and I couldn’t finish downloading some of the CBS comedies in time).

I returned to my room, then returned a while later to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — episode 1827: “Tigers Fall, Lions Rise”. This one wasn’t written or executed all that well ( that’s new..). Though I did like the ninja school plot.. only because we got to see a Ranger’s non-Ranger life again. I’ve missed that, as well as society’s reactions to Power Rangers (like news reports). They just don’t care to so that stuff anymore. ..And that was about it.. See ya.

[ Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11 ]
[ Klein – Bush Cabal Created Crisis For Profit ]
[ Economic Collapse In The US, The Death Of Democracy ]
[ Fed May Lend To States, Companies – WILL OWN AMERICA ]
[ Video: US Economy Collapsing ]
[ Ron Paul – Bailout Is New Taxes… Should Not Come From Senate ]
[ Paulson 1 Month Left To Get US Bank Lending Again ]
[ Why Paulson’s Plan Is A Fraud ]
[ Fed Ups Credit Available To US Banks By $900B ]
[ Euro Stocks In Biggest Fall Since 1987 ]
[ London Market Suffers Worst Fall In History ]
[ Asian Markets Dive On Fear Crisis Is Spreading ]
[ Iceland Sinking As Bank Rescues Evaporate ]
[ Crude Oil Down 40% – Gas ONLY Down 15% ]
[ 9/11’s Guided Missiles ]
[ Makow – Freemasons Stage Our Political Charade ]
[ A Move To Secede On CA-OR Border ]
[ Tobin Grabbed – International Hate Laws Bite Down ]
[ Tobin Outrage – Fascist Europe Show’s It’s Teeth ]
[ Atzmon – Zionist Holocaust Narrative Falling Apart ]
[ DK Ultra – Constructing The Mind Controlled State ]
[ Starbucks Wastes 23 Million Liters Of Water Each Day ]
[ Asteroid Has Apparently Come Down Over Sudan ]


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