no news / media pt 2 / today

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. I had downloaded some TMNT Archie comics and read some of them. It really took me back reading the first two issues in CBR along with the audiobook version on MP3. Since I still have that comic and cassette tape set from all those years ago. Heh.. Once I finished those, I watched four more episodes of DBZ Season 6 (pretty good episodes.. and someone finally said “Hercule” by itself). My dad returned home from dialysis, then began feeling weak.. like usual.

We sorta watched some Ellen, then took off. I went to the bank to get my dad’s money out, then headed to Best Buy where I picked up Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Collector’s Edition (haha’s @ the third / digital copy disc getting only an envelope inside the case.. it doesn’t deserve a space like the other two.. the $15 popcorn gift card included is interesting though), two copies of the Crash: The Series Preview disc and a couple Iron Man lithographs (wow, how incredibly cheap.. it’s just a folded piece of cardboard :/). I then visited WalMart and passed on their Iron Man 1-disc exclusive. I wants that bonus disc.. but not for $20. Guess I’ll wait and hope to get lucky, like I did with the Transformers bonus disc (for $10, then sold off the 1-disc :p).

I got my usual icee (I’ve missed you so), then returned home. We watched Bonnie Hunt Show (just wanted to see Erica Durance’s appearance.. odd seeing a Smallville star on a talk show.. doesn’t happen very often), then I watched another MST3k (lol.. but I fell asleep again.. but it was okay.. pretty boring movie). I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM.

So CBS is gone from our cable line-up.. due to our cable company being greedy douches. Due to this, we have nothing to watch tonight. We were going to watch Ghost Whisperer & The Ex List. Now I’ll have to download them later.. While my dad slept, I watched Monday’s Raising The Bar (good episode).. followed by the one-hour series premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Both episodes were rather good and definitely an improvement over the theatrical release. The only very minor gripe I have about it is the catering to the kiddie audience by having a newsreel-type narrator at the start of each episode rather than a classic scroll of words so they don’t have to read. But as I said: very minor.. I hope there’s a continuing plot.. and by the preview for next week, it seems like there may just be one. Yay.. I look forward to the upcoming episodes. 🙂

My dad woke up near the start of Clone Wars and wouldn’t shut up about me watching it. He dislikes all animation except the variety that he grew up with (Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry etc). Ugh.. The earliest teasers I have ever seen on TV must have aired during this. There were teaser trailers for an upcoming Scooby Doo direct-to-video live-action movie, as well as the upcoming live-action Ben 10: Alien Force TV movie (the latter lasted only about five seconds though, featuring a twenty-something “teenage” Ben overlooking a city at night). Both ended with “Fall 2009”. Yup, a whole frickin’ year early. lol.. I watched The Soup (lol), my dad headed to bed early.. then I returned to my room for the night..

It seems the original website where the Power Rangers RPM demo theme songs were originally found has been taken down. But I still have them right here in case anyone hasn’t gotten around to downloading them yet. I have them available in the original compressionless AIF files (separately, 10MB+ each), as well as the extremely compressed 128kbps MP3 versions (inside one handy 3.5MB RAR file).. See ya.

[ House Passes $700B ‘Bailout’ Scam – 263 Yea 171 Nay ]
[ Reps Ignore Constituents – Approve Bailout Theft ]
[ $700 Billion Bailout Becomes $850 Billion Rescue ]
[ House Roll Call – How They Voted On Bailout Bill ]
[ Video: Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout ]
[ Video: Ron Paul – ‘They Defied Their Districts’ ]
[ Hawaii Rep A Liar – Betrays Constituency On Bailout ]
[ Mis-Directed Bailout Will Make Housing Worse ]
[ Israel -Taking Down The US & Fellow Jews Alike ]
[ Pakistan, United States On Brink Of War? ]
[ Robertson – Nuke Strikes In US After Election ]
[ Judge Orders Obama To Show Birth Certificate ]
[ California Approves Nurse-Assisted Suicide ]
[ New Sex Law ‘Makes Criminals Of Young Girls’ ]


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