graysons cw / media pt 1 / today

The CW is already preparing a possible replacement for Smallville next fall in the form of.. The Graysons. The series will follow the young life of Dick “DJ” Grayson, before he took on the role of Robin beside Batman. It’s from the current Smallville executive producers Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson, as well as Supernatural executive producer McG. It will either replace Smallville if its canceled, or will become a companion piece next season.. I’m already picturing a spin-off and/or crossover. That’d be coool.. if Graysons doesn’t suck, that is. :p

I awoke in the morning and.. got online for a bit. Then we watched some morning TV.. and waited for the mail.. for forever. The cable seems to be worse than it used to be now that that guy came by and “fixed” it. Not only does the cable still pixelate every once in a while.. now it also shuts off altogether for a short amount of time, making all the channels go black and everything on this computer disconnect. Hooray. -_-

I waited and waited and waited.. and then the mail finally arrived. We took off to cash his check and get some gas, then headed to off to media buy. I sold a book at Half Price Books, then sold three more DVDs to FYE — Dawn of the Dead, Batman: 2-disc and 28 Days Later. Eh, just didn’t like those movies all that much.. plus I’ve already downloaded both 28s and all the Batmans. I really only see the new Batman films worthy of owning.

And upon selling these three, I was told that there was a special deal where you get one the new releases for just $9.99 if you sold three. Cooooool. So I sold them and got the Iron Man: Two-Disc Ultimate Edition steelbook for just $9.99 (plus tax). Sweet. 🙂 Plus there’s a $7 mail-in rebate on it, but I don’t wanna mess with all that. The steelbook edition also has actual disc art, while the basic 2-discs only have a dull gray color to them.. Afterward, I used the rest of my money this month to get me s’more groceries.. and my dad got some too. Now I must wait until Friday for the other DVD.

We returned home, then my dad immediately took off to buy some more stuff. Bottled water (can’t stand any more of that poisoned tap water), cat food (we had run out this morning.. very close.. and he’s used to having two kinds and one type had been gone for a little while now), etc. I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper. And then I finished up online by 8PM.

We watched Knight Rider (well.. my dad fell asleep.. though this was a bit better than last week.. they didn’t overpack it with action this time.. but I doubt it’ll ;last too long), America’s Got Talent (oh.. he won.. oh well.. glad that’s over), Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (funny, but this one still isn’t all that great.. it probably won’t last too long either).

Man, I wished we lived somewhere else. And it’s not only because we live in a neighborhood full of (other) poor and untrustworthy characters. It because the cable company is too damn stingy. They’re refusing to pay to keep one of the local affiliates on their channel line-up and so CBS and all its programming will be gone from our service “sometime tomorrow”. Fucking idiots.. See ya.

[ IMF Pressures Congress To Approve ‘Bailout’ Scam ]
[ Stop The Senate From Voting Bailout ]
[ Senate Stabs America, Passes Bailout Fraud 74-25 ]
[ House Reps Voted Constituent Demands ]
[ House Limits Constituent Emails To Prevent Crash ]
[ Why Propping Up Banks Will Not Work ]
[ Credit Markets Frozen As Banks Hoard Cash ]
[ Greenspan – Gold Is ‘The Ultimate Form Of Payment’ ]
[ The Political Nature Of The Credit Crisis ]
[ Bush Officials Could Face US Criminal Charges ]
[ Holocaust Questioner Toben Arrested In England ]
[ Help Dr. Fredrick Tobin Help Save Free Speech ]
[ To Question The Holocaust Is Not To Deny It ]
[ Video: Nuclear Threat Is From Israel NOT Iran ]
[ Jewish Rabbi Weiss – ‘Ahmadinejad Wants Peace’ ]
[ Video: Anti-Zionist Jews Greet Ahmadinejad In New York ]
[ Video: Jewish Rabbi – Zionists Are Godless Criminal Thugs ]
[ How To Stop Aspartame/Splenda Seizures ]
[ Algae Used To Turn Coal Pollution Into Fuel ]
[ More Bigfoot Sightings Throughout NW ]


3 Responses to “graysons cw / media pt 1 / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Sure, nice packaging and printing on the disc.

    Personally, I totally prefer the 1080p/24 quality of the B-D myself.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    If I had the proper hardware to enjoy Blu-ray, I probably would have switched to that format by now. But I don’t (just the PS3). 😦

    And also, Futureshop stores in Canada are offering the same steelbook for the Blu-ray edition (as well as this DVD version). No US stores picked it up though.

  3. sonicalpha Says:

    The Graysons will suck ass. Seriously, he was part of a circus before his parents got killed… and that’s about all that happened to him in his past. It wasn’t until they died that his story really began.

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