dvd ads oct 5-11 – buffy bonus disc? / today

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of October 5th to 11th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is probably the biggest release this week.. though I doubt I’ll get it. The 2-disc is the usual $22.99 everywhere. No exclusives. Also no exclusives on The Happening, whose cheapest price may just be at Circuit City — $14.99. That one’s more likely.. but eh, I dunno. Robot Chicken: Season 3, which wraps up its premiere run this coming Sunday night, will go for its cheapest price at Target — $19.99. Again, no exclusives. Also no exclusives for How I Met Your Mother: Season 3, which is going for a bit-steep $27.99 at both Best Buy and Circuit City. Definitely in for these two seasons though.

Oh, here’s an exclusive. And an odd one at that. Buy any season of a Fox Sci-Fi TV show on DVD at Best Buy — including Buffy, Angel & Dark Angel at $19.99 each — and get a Buffy Exclusive Bonus Disc “featuring Bonus Content”. And there’s absolutely no clue of what’s on it. The recently-leaked animated series pilot presentation? Something related to the Season 8 comics? Or perhaps the bonus disc from the Complete Series set? No idea.. I may finally repurchase Buffy: Season 1 to get the superior thinpak version if the bonus disc is worth it. 🙂

Late last night / early this morning, I returned to the living room to transfer the torrents to the PS3 and found that my dad couldn’t sleep again. He was pretty much completely silent when I was in my room. But once I went in there, he was all moaning and groaning for some reason. >_> ..I awoke the next morning and everything seemed fine. I got online for a bit, then the cable guy arrived. He added a new cable from the pole to our apartment building and left. Our neighbors were having the same problems wit h the cable recently. Hope that fixes it..

With my dad watching boring morning TV, I got back online again. But I soon returned and watched Heroes (great episode.. curious to see what’s up with Elle, hope they don’t drop her completely), four more episodes of DBZ Season 6 (nice), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (very good episode..) and Chuck (great start to the season.. and its a new experience watching it weekly :p). After all that, I got back online to news-gather. We had some some crappy supper (literally.. we’re just about out of everything.. I miss non-fluoride-poisoned water.. and milk), then I finished up online by 8PM.

In primetime, we watched House (haha, it was pretty good), Fringe (the best episode so far.. a whole bunch of stuff happened, for once.. and I didn’t know what the heck was going on.. just like Lost! Hope they can keep this up 🙂 ) and eventually Opportunity Knocks (hehe, not as good as last week though..). Then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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