Saturday 09.27.2008 —

I awoke in the morning.. and once again had to get online and finish up the previous entry. Damnit.. I eventually returned to the living room and watched The Soup (lol), Best Week Ever (lol), TMNT Back To The Sewer (very good episode.. gets better every week.. but I still miss 2k3 😦 ) and another MST3k (“Earth Vs The Spider”.. lol, and my dad actually laughed a couple times too.. I was surprised.. I feel asleep near the end though 😦 ).

Once I awoke, I watched The Life Before Her Eyes (starring Uma Thurman & Evan Rachel Wood.. wow, really good movie.. with a very surprising ending.. that took me a few minutes to understand :p) and Black Snake Moan (another really good movie, better than the previous one.. and.. Christina Ricci.. *drools* glad I purchased this one). My dad woke up during the first and took off to the grocery store again with what little money he had left, then returned in time to see the second one. He really liked it too..

Once the movies were over, I got online for a bit.. then I read some more Heroes (lol @ chapter 55.. Hiro’s a pokemon! :p). But I was able to get away from the PC long enough to head over to the the bedroom DVR this time. I watched 90210 (pretty good episode), Gossip Girl (better.. this “old” Serena thing’s going to get good) and Ugly Betty (lol, it was alright). Then I got back online.. and briefly watched some MadTV and SNL..

See ya.

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