prdt pilot script / today

Rangerboard member dukemon22 has mentioned the existence of a Power Rangers Dino Thunder pilot script in which Kat (as in Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Kat) appears alongside Tommy. He claims that she would have taken on the US version of the sentai series’ Jannu character. But upon asking for more information about the script, dukemon22 hasn’t minded to answer…

I awoke in the morning.. and finished up the previous entry. Oops. But I also went looking on some old CDs and found a few more Power Rangers comics to upload, including the one-and-only Power Rangers Zeo issue (unfortunately.. it was pretty good), Turbo vs Beetleborgs Metallix & a couple collections of magazine comics. I made them into CBRs myself, though the quality isn’t as great as in the ones more recently acquired. Click here to check them out..

I watched another episodes of MST3k (“The Amazing Colossal Man”.. many of these episodes I haven’t even seen before, such as this one.. great stuff), then my dad returned home from dialysis feeling worse than usual. 😦 He eventually took off to bed early, then I watched three more episodes of Chuck: Season 1 (I don’t think I’ll blind buy a TV show ever again.. this show is pretty good, but not as good as that pilot episode was), followed by Deception (wow, a direct-to-video movie with such stars as Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor.. surprising.. also surprising was that the movie itself was pretty good too :p ) and Ellen (my dad woke up by then, so yeah..).

I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper. I began writing this entry.. then lost some when the power browned out again. Fucking awesome. Then I had to waste 15 minutes getting the living room DVR working again.. before returning to said entry. Ugh.. There was nothing on TV tonight.. and my dad had taken over the TV (for once), so I stayed online.. and watched just about every Chad Vader video there is. Funny stuff, especially the later stuff.. and that Rifftrax episode. :p Shame that the DVD isn’t available anymore though..

At 10PM, we watched The Soup (lol) before my dad took off to bed, then I checked out Stars Without Makeup (so mean) before returning to my room for the night.. See ya.

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