no news / today

I awoke in the morning.. and got online.. then eventually had some breakfast. The new layout for is nice. 🙂 ..I’d probably go there more often now.. if the URLs were simple like epguides. I just type in “ *SeriesTitle* /” and the episode list comes right up.. We watched some morning TV.. then I got back online again.. :p

A bit later, my dad took off and I took that time to get online and update the PS3. Life with PlayStation is finally out.. and it’s pretty cool. Needs more channels though.. and more cities.. Eventually, I finally watched the first four episodes of Chuck: Season 1. This is my first blind TV DVD purchase in a while.. and now I’m uncertain about it. I only saw the pilot and it was great, and even though the following episodes that I watched today were pretty good.. but there’s something missing that was in the pilot. Some of that cool feeling of it is now gone. I really don’t know how to describe it. But the last of these four improved a little over the previous two, so here’s hoping that continues. Theme song is good, if only it had some of the lyrics. *redownloads*

At 5PM, we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I read some more 52 Aftermath, then finished up online by 8PM. We then watched Smallville. The episode served as a nice quick way to transition from where the previous producers left off to where the new producers –who have been writing for the show for a while– want it to be. Very good episode, for the most part. Though I didn’t so much enjoy Lex’s replacement just yet. And I noticed the picture had a grittier / hazier picture than before. Up to this point, they had gone with a more clean / shiny-looking filter. It may get some getting used to these two changes, but I look forward to the rest. Bring on Do– er, that new guy in the opening credits. :p

We followed that up with Supernatural (I think I might have enjoyed this one just a bit more than Smallville, to tell you the truth.. great episode), Flashpoint (fake season finale.. another great episode) and America’s Got Talent (results show.. and most of the best ones leave… well, that fucking sucks.. wonder what else is on next Wednesday..?). And after all that, I returned to my room for the night.

Well.. see ya..

[ Iran War Closer? – Bush Could Still Attack Iran ]
[ Bush Agrees To War On Iran ]
[ Pakistan Invades America – ‘Without Permission’ ]
[ Senators Question FBI Anthrax Investigation ]
[ Web Inventor Warning On Net Freedom ]
[ The Final Destruction Of The Middle Class ]
[ Crash – ‘The World As We Know It Is Going Under’ ]
[ Global Credit Suffers Cardiac Arrest On US Crash ]
[ Central Banks Pump $180B To Ease Strain ]
[ America Will Need Trillion Dollar Bail-Out ]
[ A Quadrillion Lost? – It’s The Derivatives, Stupid! ]
[ Morgan Stanley, Wachovia – Dumbest Merger Proposal In History ]
[ China May Buy 49% Of Morgan Stanley (!) ]
[ Bright Side Of A Total Financial Market Collapse ]
[ Winter To Bring Avalanche Of Job Losses ]
[ People Living Out Of Storage Lockers ]
[ Video: $2.7 Trillion Stolen From Pentagon Still Missing ]
[ Eustace Mullins Has Been Found And Is Safe ]
[ Barr Sues To Take Obama, McCain Off TX Ballot ]
[ GOP Lawmakers Sue To Stop Palin Investigation ]
[ FDA Proposes Genetically-Engineered Animals! ]
[ Hospitals, Etc Flush 250 Million Lbs Of Drugs Yearly ]
[ China – Hair Bands Made From Used Condoms ]
[ Italian Model To Sell Her Virginity For 1M Euros ]


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