prjf 30 spoilers / today

KyL416 has revealed the next episode title for Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Episode 1830 (aka Episode 666): “To Earn Your Stripes” will premiere on October 27th.

PRJF Episode 1830 – “To Earn Your Stripes” – Writer: Jackie Marchand – The day has arrived for the three to get their master stripes. Lily and Theo pass the test to become masters. Casey does not. He wanders off to think about his loss and comes across Jarrod saving Camille from Dai Shi’s monsters. Casey begins to think that Jarrod might still be alive. The others don’t believe him and try to tell him that all that matters is destroying Dai Shi.

Only two episode titles remain…

I awoke in the morning.. just as I was having a cool comic dream. Superman & Batman had just showed up too. Damnit.. So I got online for a bit, then I watched another MST3k (“Daddy-O”.. ‘sbeen a while, unfortunately.. due to making sure Smallville was done in time for the season premiere on Thursday.. I’ve missed it.. lol, especially at the closing credit interruptions :p). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. Blah.

I got online for a bit.. again, but then I returned and watched the first three episodes of Pushing Daisies: Season 1 (pretty good.. though I liked his other series better.. I should get to watching my Dead Like Me DVDs.. I’ve been waiting forever for that damn new direct-to-DVD movie to come out.. and I’ve never even seen the episodes uncensored before), Robot Chicken (lol), Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (owe,, they cut the half-hour ‘live’ ep down to 15min.. I’m glad, it was the worst episode yet.. in fact, I give up.. not watching another episode.. the worthwhile parts are just too far between all the crap), Chaotic: M’Arrillian Invasion (I only watched for like 10 seconds, then deleted.. *shakes fist @ improved animation*) and last night’s True Blood (liked this one quite a bit more than the first episode.. already looking forward to next week 🙂 ).

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper. I read another CBR (finished 52, started 52 Aftermath), then finished up online by 8PM. My dad and I then watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (great episode.. and Riley was kinda hot..) and Prison Break (pretty good episode.. though next week looks better). Four shows opposite each other next week… Awesome. Guess I have to download and watch these two later next week. 😦 ..while DVRing the three-hour Heroes premiere..

Well.. see ya..

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