Sunday 09.14.2008 — jungle fury vol 1-2 dvd / dead weekend part 2

I seriously thought Disney’s delay is releasing Power Rangers Jungle Fury onto DVD was due to an upcoming boxed set like those they have released in the UK. But no. I guess the sales just didn’t go that great after all? Disney has announced a December 16th DVD release for Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Volume 1: Into The Jungle & Volume 2: Way Of The Master. Each disc has a runtime of 135 minutes, which should equal six episodes each. I’m thinking this is most likely the first 12 episodes. But not only that, each release will contain trading cards.. and a mail-in offer for a free action figure (except shipping & handling). Neato.. I’m also thinking they’re probably continuing this style because they get more money out of us this way. And the reason for the delay could possibly be that.. with all those UK releases, they forgot all about Jungle Fury on US DVD until I e-mailed them about it a month or so ago..? :p Yeah, I’ll probably get these.. even though the UK will probably get all five volumes in one Complete Season release next year, like has already been done with a Region 2 port of Operation Overdrive‘s five US volumes (yup, episodes, special features.. all the same.. only in one case instead of five). 😦

Begin Part 2.

I awoke at 4AM and began uploading again, but the computer wasn’t being very cooperative. At all. I was sooo missing the newer computer by now. After finally getting an upload started, I fell asleep again.. I awoke a little later in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. And then I watched Bleach (this one must be popular to be pushed right up front while the other two get “trash” slots.. though this is my least favorite of AS’ anime), Code Geass (omgawesome episode), Moribito (maybe I spoke too soon about least favorite.. this one continues to bore me, plus Bleach was better than usual) and Wednesday’s Bones (about time.. again.. good episode :)).

Pretty much all morning, I dealt with the ancient computer’s many problems.. and wasn’t able to set up another upload. Awesome. So I finally gave up, switched the computers back and returned to the online civilization that I had missed so much. 😦 ..And then everything happened to go wrong there too. Yay. I was getting everything set up the way I like it.. and uploading.. and the power browned out. So I had to set up all over again and upload all over again. But I finally got those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward Season 2 storyboards from the incomplete episode that I mentioned yesterday uploaded. Check them out. I hear these incomplete episodes may be released someday, so.. It seems that the now-good-and-full-bodied Baxter Stockman has been kidnapped by a Triceraton Shredder in order to look for something on the Moon and the Turtles (plus Cody) come to the rescue. Cool.

Just as I was about ready to watch something on the bedroom DVR.. the power browned out once again. Grrr. By the time I got everything back together, it was too late to watch anything. Great.. So I just tried to waste the rest of my time online until supper was ready. I read a couple more issues of 52, then my dad was finally ready to watch some movies. We watched Made of Honor (the usual romantic comedy.. it was alright.. to watch once) and In The Land of Women (now this one had quite a bit more substance.. though in the end, it all boils down to a screenplay writer becoming a psychiatrist to three women.. hence the title.. but I enjoyed this one more than the first).

I then returned to my room for the night..


[ 911 Remains Unanswered ]
[ Video: Olbermann – 911 Exploitation By BushCo ]
[ Russian 737 Crash And 911 Pentagon ]
[ Israel Asks US For Arms, Air Corridor To Hit Iran ]
[ US To Pakistan – ‘We Didn’t Ask Permission’ To Attack ]
[ NATO Wants No Part Of US Raids Inside Pakistan ]
[ Leaked BushCo Plan – Indefinite Iraq Occupation ]
[ Bush War Crimes Conference At Andover ]
[ US ‘Secret’ Death Squads In Iraq Trained By Israel ]
[ Banned Interview With Putin – Part 3 ]
[ Wall Street Privatizes US Govt – Be Very Afraid ]
[ ‘Present-Day’ Science Can’t Explain IKE ]
[ The Democrats Want To BAN BOOKS ]
[ Democrats’ Latest Dumb Idea – Gas Stamps ]
[ Obama Plans For War – Calls For Draft ]
[ Obama Will Reinstate Draft – The Coming War ]
[ Barack Obama Is A Zionist Muslim Communist ]
[ Obama Mocks McCain’s Disability – Media Mum ]
[ Palin – Brainwashed Or Forced To Follow Zionist Script? ]
[ ABC Hatchet Job On Palin – Missing Interview Parts ]
[ Rove – McCain Attacks Gone ‘One Step Too Far’ ]
[ RAF Officer Breaks 37 Year Silence On UFOs ]
[ RAF Radar Tracked Whole Fleet Of UFOs In 1971 ]
[ Cop Tries To Meet 13 Yr Old Girl For Sex ]
[ Video: Gentle, Kind Teens Bullied Into Suicide ]
[ Attacks On Rense Are Aimed At Us All ]
[ More To Rense Attacks Than Bogus ‘Anti-Semitism’ ]


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