Saturday 09.13.2008 — tmnt episodes / dead weekend part 1

The 4Kids rep at the Technodrome Forums has revealed some interesting details about the episode order of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003). In between the seen episodes of Fast Forward and today’s premiere of Back To The Sewer, there are ten unproduced Fast Forward episodes. This would include the unproduced episode #149: “The Devil and Dr. Stockman”, whose storyboards were leaked to the internet a little while back. The Fast Forward finale is episode #143 and the Back To The Sewer premiere is episode #154. That explains why the 4Kids website calls the latter episode 801 (Season 8 Episode 1).. And it seems no one saved the storyboards but me. Guess I’ll have to switch computers again soon (for the first time in months) and upload them. :p

I awoke in the morning.. then asleep again. Then I awoke again and got online for a bit. I returned to the living room just in time for TMNT: Back To The Sewer. Eh, it wasn’t all that bad.. yet. Cody gets the time window working and sends the Turtles home, but Viral interferes and sends them to other time periods instead. The near-future one was cool.. only because of the three Shredders. They defeat Viral and make their way home. But Viral takes over Serling and blasts Splinter into pieces of data while in transport. I like how they didn’t kidify it by explaining they could bring him back right away. Save that for next episode kthnx. Viral returns with them to their time and infects the internet.. then the Shredder infects her. Hahaha. Viral sucks, Shredder rules. :p Viral was my least favorite villain from Fast Forward, so great idea keeping her around.. Near the beginning of the episode, the Fast Forward opening credit plays (ugh, thought I’d never have to hear it again), then the non-final version of the Back To The Sewer opening credit plays at the very end. Neat.

I got back online for a little bit, then watched The Soup (lol.. Spaghetti Cat! ..ugh @ Mike & Juliet’s way too serious reply to Soup’s use of their character, on YouTube), Best Week Ever (was that really an episode.. or just a bunch of webisodes strung together. .too many commercial breaks -_-) and the final four episodes of Smallville: Season 7 (great episodes, especially the finale.. I wonder what was originally going to happen with Kara & Brainiac’s departure.. there’s deleted scenes mentioning how significant Kara’s bracelet is, then Brainiac and Kara are somewhere in South America or Africa and she throws her bracelet at a green screen :/).

I watched some of the special features, then returned to my room and got online again. But then I couldn’t wait anymore and switched computers to upload some files that I needed from it. An utter nightmare. Once it got it working after like 10-15 boots, It seemed like something would continue to go wrong. And don’t even get me started on how slow it was. Wither I got used to all that.. or it’s gotten worse being sat aside for a few months.

While uploading files, we had some supper and I went to the bedroom DVR and watched 90210 (hmm, not as bad as the first week.. and Silver’s hot..), Naruto (a bit behind on this one :/), and two episodes of Wanna Bet? (lol, Tom Green should be there every week..). Grrr @ old computer. Later on, I watched some MadTV (lol) and SNL (eh).. then fell asleep..

End Part 1.


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