no news / today

I awoke in the morning.. and watched last night’s Robot Chicken (lol, great episode.. and next week looks quite good too) and Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (..heywaitaminute, this isn’t awesome! ..but maybe that’s the point..? yuck, one of the worst yet), followed by the first episode of Wolverine And The X-Men (ooh, not bad.. liking it so far.. don’t know why it’s airing in Canada now, but the US must wait until next year :/). My dad returned home and we soon watched Bonnie Hunt and Ellen, then I got online for a bit..

A little while later, I returned and watched True Blood (great first episode.. already looking forward to the next one.. I also see recasting Tara was a good decision), the Bones 2-hour season premiere (they really shouldn’t have rushed last season’s ending to form that quick and unsatisfactory conclusion to a storyline I was enjoying up until that point.. but luckily, this episode is back to form.. and it counts as part of Season 3 by production numbers.. and its inclusion on the upcoming DVD.. due to filming a few more episodes into the summer.. if only they had taken these episodes to wrap up last season’s plot) and Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (eh, not bad..).

The preview & trailers for the upcoming Hulk Vs looked cool. Though I can’t help but wonder if they’re holding back the US run of Wolverine And The X-Men so Hulk Vs Wolverine comes to DVD (in Jan 2009) before the supposed “Hulk rematch” episode of the TV series. Hmmm.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 8PM.. just my internet connection died. Hooray.

I waited nearly 30 minutes for my dad to return from outside (grrrr), then we Finally watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (great season premiere, looking forward to next week.. also glad they’re keeping the season at a short 13 episodes.. makes it feel a bit more like a movie on DVD :p) and Prison Break (just when I thought they settled into a groove for the rest of the season, they come out of it a little.. neat). Then I returned to my room.. and.. solved the internet problem by just rebooting Firefox.. Oookay..

Well.. see ya.

[ Sarkozy – Israeli Attack On Iran Inevitable ]
[ Russia Ready To Vaporize The Jewish State ]
[ Russia Sending Warships To Atlantic, Caribbean ]
[ US To Establish Naval Base In Georgia ]
[ German Defense Minister Slams US Hits On Pakistan ]
[ US Doing Target Assassinations In Iraq ]
[ SoCal Meteorologist 1st To Report Chemtrail Spraying ]
[ Wooldridge – Deadly Legacy Of US Sanctuary Cities ]
[ Obama Slips On TV – ‘My Muslim Faith’ ]
[ MSM Obama Lovefest Ends – Hunting Season Opens ]
[ Sinclair On Barky’s Secret Service Watch List? ]
[ Schwarzenegger Could Soon Face Recall ]
[ MSNBC Removes Olbermann From Election Desk ]
[ EU Feminists Want To Ban ‘Sexist’ TV Commercials ]
[ Jeff Rense And Our Freedoms Under Attack ]
[ Video: Under Attack – Part 2 ]


2 Responses to “no news / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Hey, when does Smallville start back up? I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest premier times. Smallville and Reaper namely. Have they started yet or still getting there?

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    Smallville and Supernatural return on September 18th. 🙂 However, Reaper won’t return until mid-season, meaning early next year. 😦

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