Sunday 09.07/2008 — Fight Back Mix 2 / pr 2009 cast

Ron Wasserman has updated his new classic Power Rangers-style track “Fight Back”. I liked the original better, but this is definitely cool too. 🙂

In other news, the first cast member for 2009’s Power Rangers R.P.M. (which stands for Racing Performance Machines) has been revealed in this Daily Telegraph article. Eka Darville will play an unspecified role in the next season, “which begins filming in New Zealand next month”..

I awoke in the morning and watched Shin Chan (oh, rerun *fast forwards through most of it*), Bleach (okay I guess), Code Geass (wow, awesome episode), Moribito (eh, pretty good I guess) and the final three episodes of The Office: Season 4 (rofl, especially the season finale.. and the 22-minute blooper reel.. wow). We had some breakfast in there somewhere, then I got online as my dad’s NASCRAP was starting..

And then I stayed online. All afternoon. Played with the cat once.. And before I knew it, it was already 5PM. Ack. We eventually had some supper.. and I stayed online all night long too. Mostly due to my dad’ football game.. Though I did read quite a few more issues of 52. Wow. Some exciting events actually happened. Cooool.. I also torrented True Blood. I hope to transfer it to PS3 and watch it tomorrow. The leaked incomplete pilot was awesome, so I’m looking forward to the complete version. It reminded me a bit of Roswell, only with vampires instead of aliens.. and of course the addition of female nudity.. etc.. *shrug*

That’s about it. See ya..

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