Saturday 09.06.2008 —

I awoke pretty early in the morning (before 5AM) and discovered I had prematurely fallen asleep. Whoops. So I got online and finished up the previous entry. My dad had just woken up too. After about an hour online, I went to the living room.. and fell asleep for about three more hours.. I awoke, then took advantage of my dad sleeping and watched last Saturday’s Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (ooh, pretty good episode.. about time), followed by Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (rrright), Gong Show (finale.. finally), Reality Bites Back (ugh, very glad this one’s over too) and this morning’s Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (oh great, another spoof character to make me once again reconsider watching this show: Dogbone the Bounty Hunter.. *shudders* -_- ..I think I’ve gotten used to Ronaldo Rump… but now this 😦 ).

I then watched four more episodes of The Office: Season 4 (rofl). My dad returned home just in time to watch The Happening (hm, not bad actually.. ever since Sixth Sense, M Night’s films have been getting slowly worse and worse.. Lady in the Water was pretty bad.. but this one’s definitely an upswing.. may consider its DVD next month too 🙂 ).. then I mainly watched Idiocracy (lol, very funny movie.. this may actually be our future unfortunately).

We had some supper, then I got online. For quite a while. I eventually pulled myself away long enough to watch the two-hour series premiere of 90210. All the references to the original series are going right over my head because I’ve never really seen it. My sister used to watch it ages ago. I tuned in for Degrassi TNG‘s Shenae Grimes. Mm. Ack @ the 80s-style hair on the one girl. But at least they fixed it a little by episode 2. Overall, this show couldn’t keep me interested all that well. I kept pausing and turning back to the computer throughout. I did make it through though, and will try watching the next episode.. *shrug*

And that was about it. Again. See ya..


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