dbla pics / get smart series dvd / today

ComicsContinuum was recently provided the first promotional images from 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Dragonball live action feature film. Coool. Ha’s @ that lil strand of blue hair.. And yes, the Saiyan hair looks silly.. :p Oh, and here’s Piccolo… *shudders*

HBO Video will finally release Time-Life’s Get Smart: The Complete Series DVD boxed set to retail stores everywhere on December 9th for an SRP of $199.95. It will include all bonus material, unlike the recent retail Season One release. And it’s timed for release with the recent Get Smart theatrical film. Neat. But I’d rather get one affordable season at a time rather than pay a HUGE amount all at once for a show like this. So no thanks, but I await Season Two.. please..

I awoke in the morning.. and upon seeing my dad was asleep, took over the TV and finally watched Monday’s Gossip Girl (ooh, not a bad start.. Madchen Amick is hot). Next, I got online for a bit.. then we soon went out to a few places. Upon returning home, I watched four more episodes of The Office: Season 4 (or two.. again.. lol, especially at the TV square bit). And then we each paid for our own supper at Wendy’s. My dad’s a bit low on funds already.. for the rest of the month.. after paying (most of) the bills..

We returned home and I got online to news-gather. I finished up by 8PM, then returned to the living room and watched Catwoman (hmm, not that bad really.. though I came in with low expectations.. may consider a DVD purchase.. to more fully complete my large superhero movie collection.. should make a DVDAF folder for them), followed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars (okay, so quality wasn’t so good.. the plot zoomed by a bit too quickly for my taste.. but it wasn’t that bad either.. movie-wise.. though would have been better suited for straight-to-DVD or TV.. *hopes for a bit-more-spaced-out extended cut on DVD*)

And that’s.. about it.. See ya.

[ A September Surprise Iran War ]
[ Congress About To Pour Lighter Fluid On Iran ]
[ Russia – US Needs Georgia To Strike Iran ]
[ Evidence Of Georgian War Crimes Surfacing ]
[ Bush To Give $1 Billion To Georgia ]
[ Cheney Hails ‘Courageous’ Georgia, Condemns Russia ]
[ Cheney – US Supports NATO Status For Georgia ]
[ Cheney – Making Deals They Can’t Refuse ]
[ Pakistan Enraged Over US Attack ]
[ Palin’s RNC Speech – Force Fed Zionism? ]
[ Schwarz – Free Speech Is Not Freedom To Lie, Slander, Defame ]
[ Ron Paul – Govts Cheat Creditors By Devaluing Currencies ]
[ Fulford – Another Alternative Energy Inventor Killed? ]
[ Cloned Animals Likely Already In Food Supply ]
[ The Next Massive Step In Computers ]


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