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Sony will release Hancock onto DVD & Blu-ray on November 25th. The 1-disc rated & unrated editions will include five featurettes, while the 2-disc unrated special edition will feature both the 92-minute theatrical & 102-minute unrated cuts of the film and add two more featurettes.. as well as the useless digital copy. Blu-ray will have all of that as well as a bonus picture-in-picture feature. Not bad. But they’ll probably re-release it eventually.. Where’s mah deleted scenes? Or does the unrated cut have them all? :p I saw this in theaters for free.. and was somewhat disappointed. Maybe the unrated cut will be an improvement..

And just a couple weeks later on December 9th, Warner will release the I Am Legend: 3-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It will include special features from the previous DVD, as well as quite a few new ones as well. That’s over two hours of new extras, including deleted scenes. Check out DVDTimes for a more complete disc rundown. And just for just good measure, Warner has added a bunch of useless trinkets to help jack up the price — including a sketch book, a lenticular “commemorative piece” and some art cards. The DVD will go for an SRP of $49.92, while the Blu-ray’s SRP is set at $59.99..

Cartoon Network has now issued a press release about the October 3rd series premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Starting at 9PM ET, it will be a special one-hour presentation featuring the first two episodes: “Ambush” & “Rising Malevolence”. New episodes of The Secret Saturdays & Ben 10: Alien Force will join it on Friday nights to form CN’s new action-adventure block, which will eventually become home to the new Batman: The Brave And The Bold animated series as well. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. I downloaded a cam version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and transferred it to the PS3. It doesn’t look all that bad really. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it once it hits DVD in November, but I wanna see it before the TV series starts. :p ..We soon took off to the grocery store.. and watched my dad buy stuff.. and saw stuff I wanted but couldn’t get because I was still broke. Though I did get the new Reese’s Bar.. with my last dollar (until tomorrow). Tastes just like the cups. Nice.

We returned home and I got online again. Then I watched the final four episodes of Big Bang Theory: Season 1 (lol.. Office: Season 4 begins tomorrow.. after I buy it), followed by The Middleman (the unadvertised season finale.. pretty good episode.. but it definitely felt like there was an episode missing between this one and the previous episode, as if it aired and I missed it.. this is most likely due to ABC Family’s foolish decision to cut the 13-episode season down to only 12 😡 ), Greek (ah, Season 2 begins.. continues? ..eh whatever.. good episode) and Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (the moment the spoof billionaire Ronaldo Rump –and yes, he has a huge ass– began appearing I lost a lot of interest in this show.. so here’s a second one.. Bran-Something.. wtf, ugh -_-).

I got online to news-gather, then we had a crappy supper. I finished up online by 8PM, then burned another DVD. We eventually watched America’s Got Talent (not bad.. though the judges choosing the last one in was lame.. because they chose the one -_-).. followed by.. some Attack of the Show (hmm, cool.. but I was only watching it because my dad took off when I was trying to watch something from the DVR). And that’s about it. Again. Lame..

So.. how did Gustav weaken before it reached land..? Maybe the US aren’t all controlling the weather after all. Maybe another country was doing it and the US counterattacked..? Though I still believe the US orchestrated Katrina like they did 911, due to the sightings of mysterious persons attempting to blow the levees at the time and the cops who attempted to stop them.. Well, see ya.

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