Sunday 08.31.2008 —

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Think I may be getting close to getting my first Blu-ray.. again.. Next, I watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (couldn’t keep my attention all that well :/ ), Code Geass (awesome episode once again šŸ™‚ ), Moribito (not bad.. a bit boring here though) and Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth (oh, i’ve seen this before.. but probably not uncut).

We eventually had some breakfast, then I watched five more episodes of Big Bang Theory: Season 1 (lol.. may purchase.. someday.. even though Tuesday’s $21.99 sale price is a little hard to pass up), followed by The Bank Job (not what I expected.. but not bad) and the Pretty Handsome pilot (this one wasn’t picked up to series.. it wasn’t all that bad either, really.. maybe I should check out Nip/Tuck).

We had some fast food for supper, then I got online for bit again. But soon, I watched the 8PM premiere episode of Ben 10: Alien Force (one of my favorite episodes so far). I was sorta worried that the “big announcement” was just gonna be about the upcoming Ben 10: Alien Force live-action movie.. but instead, it was a trailer for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.. as I had hoped. And the rumored premiere date is true — October 3rd at 9PM ET. I hope very much it’s in the same vein as the miniseries.. though the movie reviews sure don’t make it sound that way. šŸ˜¦

After another hour wasted online.. I then wasted another two hours watching The Star Wars Holiday Special. So painful. Though it was a little better due to the Rifftrax audio on it. lol. Though afterwards, I still had a headache. The cartoon during it was the best thing about it.. and now I’d like to see more of the classic cartoons. Hmm.

Well.. see ya.

[ Israelis WILL Nuke Iran To Stop Its Nuclear Program ]
[ US Nukes Being ‘Guarded’ By Zionist Israeil Co. ]
[ Tehran Times – Invasion Of Iran Would Trigger WWIII ]
[ Russia May Send Iran Top New Missile System ]
[ Georgia Planned Attack On Sleeping Civilians ]
[ Video: Cops Raid ‘Possible RNC Protesters’ ]
[ Food Not Bombs’ House Among Those Raided ]
[ Child Handcuffed As Cops Raid St Paul Activists ]
[ Why Dr. David Kelly Couldn’t/Wouldn’t Kill Himself ]
[ ‘Living Wires’ Inside & Growing Out Of Indonesian Woman ]
[ Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD – Just Say NO To ‘Stand Up To Cancer.Org’ ]


One Response to “Sunday 08.31.2008 —”

  1. Fortress Guy Says:

    Alien force is a lot more mature and even dark when compared to the original Ben 10. That opens up the possibilities for different episodes, but as a whole did not bring more satisfaction.

    Here is my take on both seasons of Alien Force with a little humor and LOTS o’ pics of you are interested.

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