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Power Rangers Jungle Fury‘s Red Ranger, Jason Smith, can sing. Check out these two songs on his official site.. or on MySpace. And he sounds pretty good too. šŸ™‚ ..But since when has MySpace changed the download filetype to m4a? Ew. Haven’t really been on the site in months. And now you have to login in order to download, so that Fox News’ parent company can track who downloads what. :/

Max Makowski has been chosen to direct the upcoming live-action film version of Voltron. His past work includes.. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Ugh.. I’m hoping this film does well though. I heard interest in adapting it was raised after the success of Transformers last year. So who knows, maybe if this is a hit.. Disney may consider a new big-screen Power Rangers movie..? Just a thought..

I awoke in the morning.. and watched Sunday’s Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (..for some unknown reason), then got online and later watched another episode of MST3k (lol). My dad returned home from dialysis and soon got all weak like usual. But we first had some breakfast (really running out of food now), then I got online again. My dad awoke from a brief nap and was surprised to receive the smaller check in the mail. Duh, Monday’s a holiday. Should’ve known.

While he went off to use some of that much-needed money, I watched the last three episodes Heroes: Season 2 (wow, great episodes). And upon seeing the 18-minute alternate ending as well as the footage from the unfinished episodes to follow.. and the featurette revealing even more stuff that would’ve happened, I cursed the Writers’ Guild strike again. That latter half of the season would have been awesome šŸ˜¦ No wonder a certain part I still won’t spoil felt tacked on at the last minute: it was.. just like the Terminator cliffhanger, only that one wasn’t as well done. :p

Once all that ended, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up by 8PM. Then we watched Shoot ‘Em Up on data DVD. Great movie. Very fun. I gots to buy this one on real DVD someday.. After that, we watched Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (I saw that ending coming from the start :/ ) and The Soup (lol @ the cat eating spaghetti.. making reference to this).

See ya.

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One Response to “jason smith music / voltron director / today”

  1. sonicalpha Says:

    So who knows, maybe if this is a hit.. Disney may consider a new big-screen Power Rangers movie..? Just a thought..

    I seriously hope not, with the state of PR at the moment, a new movie would just be another nail on the coffin. It really started to suck ass when Disney took over.

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