mmpr 15 years / chuck s2 pickup / today

Just fifteen years ago today (August 28th), the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on the Fox Kids Network. The series flourished for most of those years, then it eventually became a husk of its former self… Happy birthday!

The second season of NBC’s Chuck won’t begin until September 29th, but that didn’t stop the network from already picking up the back nine episodes for the season. This makes for a total of 22 episodes this season. Coool. I watched the first episode, really liked it.. then left the whole season on my bedroom DVR for months.. then deleted them about a week ago, deciding I might as well wait until next month’s DVD release to see the rest of the season for the first time.. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and we had some breakfast. And then I got online a few hours.. Eventually, it had reached afternoon.. so I watched four more episodes of Heroes: Season 2 (I continue to enjoy this more than my previous weekly viewings, cool.. last three up tomorrow already 😦 ). Once those ended, I got online to news-gather.. and eventually we had some supper..

Due to my dad’s damn football game, I continued to stay online. All night. I read some more issues of 52.. until my eyes got tired. Then I mainly got bored.. and depressed..

Here I sit in this darklit room. Day by day, ignoring the loss of my humanity. I use movies and TV to ignore my life and the world around me.. as they both turn to shit. Over the years, I’ve lost all my emotion. My father and I seem like less than roommates. When he went to the hospital, I felt sad. But deep inside, I knew I only felt sad for the possible loss of.. a driver. A provider. Not a father. And it made me feel sick. I disconnected myself from everyone, hoping not to be hurt again by the loss of another parent. And in the end, I’ve only made it all worse. So it seems this shell that I’ve built is now my prison as well…

[ Putin – US Created The Georgian Conflict ]
[ Putin – US Military Aid To Georgia Declaration Of War ]
[ US & Russia Deploy Warships In Black Sea ]
[ Russia Warns US Naval Build-Up May Mean War ]
[ Twietmeyer – Gustav & Other Evidence of Weather Control ]
[ Obama Birth Certificate Found In Kenya – Barak Is Not A US Citizen ]
[ Obama’s Insoluble Predicament – From 50 States To 18 ]
[ Black LA Talk Radio Host Exposes Obama Lies ]
[ Video: Like Father, Like Son – Bush Jr Will Walk Free ]
[ US Military Lies About Female Soldiers’ ‘Suicides’ ]
[ Video: Total Myth – Gun Control Reduces Crime ]
[ FDIC Will Need Half A TRILLION Dollars ]
[ UFO Hacker McKinnon Extradition To US Appeal ]


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